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The first thing I would say is going into the self, not myself, not yourself. The heart is the only doorway. All forms of practice lead to the point whereby gently leaning against the heart you come into full awareness. The heart is not merely meant in a transcendental sense in this context, by the heart I mean the Absolute Being as well as the human connection to it, in other words a place where relative and Absolute connect.

David Spero – source link

Shiva and Shakti — those words, what they mean, really signify the play of the whole universe. The universe has a stationary, immovable, unrealizable transcendental source. I say it’s unrealizable because it is completely beyond human experience. The only way you can adjust into that is by becoming it. Becoming it will not help you have any knowledge about it, it will not be available to your faculties; it’s beyond the action of faculties, understanding, emotion, any form of cognitive or feeling-based apprehension. That is Shiva. That is the root of where that metaphor comes from.

Because it’s out of sight, because it is transcendental to experience, it can be called the foundation of the universe. It’s the foundation of all action, even the action of the formation of galaxies. It never comes into being and yet it is eternally rooted in reality itself — it is reality in its unmanifested dimension. Because that Shiva aspect is beyond experience, beyond thought, cognition, apprehension it’s also beyond all causes and effects.

David Spero – Source Link


Prana-shakti, often termed Kundalini-shakti is a potent vibratory current which serves as an initiation mechanism. It utilizes energy to communicate the essence of the Divine, of the total Divine—which includes Non-Duality or Light, Devotional Intoxication or Love, and raw spiritual Current (Kundalini or Prana-shakti). Within the stream of the Prana-shakti is or exists a self-sufficient river toward Divine Communion. Kundalini-shakti is not merely some kind of occult energy; it’s been widely misunderstood, unfortunately. Those who are prejudicial toward the Kundalini-shakti tend to favor a non-active Absolute, a non-active Absolute, but those who want to enjoy the motion of life and realize the essence of life simultaneously will often traverse the path of the Prana-shakti.

David Spero – Source Link

To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light. Once one has experienced a few times what it is like to stand judgingly between the opposites, one begins to understand what is meant by the self. Anyone who perceives his shadow and his light simultaneously sees himself from two sides and thus gets in the middle. (C. Jung)

Defining the Shadow.

In Jungian psychology, the shadow or “shadow aspect” may refer to (1) the entirety of the unconscious, i.e., everything of which a person is not fully conscious, or (2) an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself. Because one tends to reject or remain ignorant of the least desirable aspects of one’s personality, the shadow is largely negative. There are, however, positive aspects which may also remain hidden in one’s shadow.

The shadow has many facets. It is largely taboo. For most people it is difficult to speak about. That which is unspoken and buried is not forgotten in the subconscious. Anger, arrogance, hatred, disdain, specialness, self fixation, greed, gossip, need to control or manipulate others, these are all shadow aspects. Shadow takes form in individuals and shadow is witnessed in groups… this collective shadow is found in professions and in nation states. The collective human shadow is real, and this is why no one is above it, because they are all a part of it.

Only when shadow is acknowledged and embraced can a person move on and live authentically. Those who say everything is love and light… they are living in a world of pretending. No one who has tackled their shadow aspects would ever say this. There is a potent sobriety in those who do their shadow work.

The White Shadow

The white shadow is a term used for spiritual teachers and followers who deny what is lurking in their subconscious… There is usually a superior ‘specialness’ vibe to their behavior. The white shadow (white / spiritual / superiority) cloaks their inner darkness which miraculously dissolved upon their awakening… now they are ABOVE it all. And this superiority complex resonates with a lot of people, so they write popular books and gain followers who relate. Here’s the truth about the white shadow – It’s real easy to cover up, requires no conscious examination, and it feels all warm and fuzzy. Yet the shadow remains.

Conscious Examination or Inquiry

To catch a glimpse of how your inner shadow remains hidden you can start by looking around at your daily life routines and your interactions with others. Your psyche (totality of conscious and unconscious mind) in daily life tries to give you a hint of where your shadow lies by picking out people to hate in an irrational way. In your judgment of others you discover where the shadow lies. This act of attention can extend into literature, movies, and family gatherings. What is it about this person that irritates me?

How to decipher the information coming in is a little more challenging. Generally the source of conflict can be identified in a word or two – judgment of the prostitute would be related to sexuality. Criticism of the pompous attorney might be connected with arrogance or self-importance. Dislike of the wealthy executive may relate to success or power. These connections are all indicators that can help you sift through these thoughts and get to the source of the inner conflict.

There are many facets to this shadow game. Identifying the source of ‘what bothers me about this person’ is a major step forward in awareness. Good work. Now what? Find a way to neutralize the judgment. This is the tricky part. Can you look in the mirror and own this sliver of shadow? Can you forgive this person their faults, and can you forgive yourself the judgment? This can take time and a repeated effort through observation. You’ll know it’s neutralized when the light of acceptance shines.

The key is to go easy on yourself through the process. Be kind as you unwind. Beyond the examination phase, there is a genuine transformation. You’ll learn to catch the old pattern as it arises. Eventually you’ll catch it before you speak or act.  As you diffuse these old patterns with a new awareness, you create more space for play and creativity.

So much of what is witnessed and judged in others is based on a subtle social conditioning that starts at an early age. This conditioning isn’t always accurate. As you begin to take complete responsibility for your inner and outer condition, you begin walking a path of authenticity. It is a return to an authentic self. As your shadow aspects are revealed and embraced you may discover a genuine compassion for others. Your cold shadow becomes a shield of warmth and kindness.

Russell Webb

From the Archive – Midwinter: Inspired by Guy Murchies fine work – The Seven Mysteries of Life.

Here I sit in the early hours of a dawning sunrise, gazing at the expansive sight of the returning sun. Helios is cloaked in a fabric of cirrus clouds and in this moment playfully hiding behind the mountains yet to reveal his intensity, it appears as though he is reaching out towards me.

I am wondering how to crystallize these thoughts on my interpretation of beauty. It is winter now. I see mountains covered in snow, I see the sun rising, I see the trees barren with branches stretching in all directions. The creeks freeze and thaw. The hardy wintering birds sing their songs. It is a time of rest and for some, the deep sleep of hibernation.

A thought arises, I should be doing this in springtime… where beauty abounds. But this cannot wait, I am inspired at this moment and there is beauty all around me now.

I wonder, if Gaia Sophia is the source intelligence of the biosphere, then could it be possible that we are living in her dream? Her imagined reality?

Then I envision the power of attention required of her to sustain this dream.

I try and see my role in it as a human child endowed with my own power of attention and my own power of imagination.

Exploring the Source of Beauty

Soaring above the earth beyond the atmosphere, I witness her diverse weather patterns and atmospheric systems, I see a super-organism drifting through the darkness of space in a state of deep stillness while her surface teems with life.

Realm after realm born from her void.

Oceans and jungles in a perpetual state of creation… birthing grounds for some vast experiment?

If so, then none of this would be possible without her partner and ally Helios, who provides the light, heat, and solar winds that nurture her life force. Same goes for her sister Luna, her mysterious satellite orbiting in synchronous harmony.

Diving down into the earths center, one might find a solid nickle-iron core bigger than a moon bathing in a molten outer core, and above this a thick mantle consisting of superheated olivine and rocks that churn and twist and turn slow and heavy – not unlike the faster and lighter atmospheric jet-streams on her surface.

Above this mantle we find the massive crustal tectonic plates, perhaps 60 miles thick, containing continents and seas. Included herein, a thin film of earth skin approximately fifteen miles thick, we find the ideal foundation for creating habitats for her oxygen breathing lifeforms.

Upon her surface the fluid dynamics are even more pronounced with her oceans, lakes, rivers, glaciers and atmosphere circulating in various cycles. There are energy cycles of radiation and heat. There are basic elemental cycles moving oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. All influenced by the sun, the moon, and the cosmos.

Let’s not discount the subtle resonances of mystical and spiritual energies interwoven like golden filaments of light in a mysterious tapestry, blazing away on their own unique frequencies… perhaps this is were Gaia Sophia’s divine consciousness dwells, patiently waiting to be experienced.


As I stand on her verdant soil and feel the earth between my toes I lean forward holding a magnifying glass. I zoom in close and examine the ground. Here I see the microcosm in a new light. It could be said this vast world of animalcules is a proving ground for Gaia’s basic inventions – growth, metabolism, sense, response, locomotion, sex, reproduction, death and so forth.

It’s all happening right here. From the barely visible single cell amoebas to the nano-sized viruses. This primordial mass of microbes is estimated to be 20x greater than the mass of all earthly animals.

There is a lot going on down here. If it passes a ruthless test of survival here, then up the chain it goes.

Into the vegetal realms.

Feet firmly planted on the ground I look up and around, gazing through a canopy of giant redwoods surrounded at their base by majestic ferns glittering with wet dew drops, I breathe the freshest air a man can breathe. It fills me with vigor and I wonder aloud how this primary organ of Gaia’s biosphere evolved?

The forest, her beloved trees absorbing rainfall from clouds and evaporating back into the sky, while inhaling excess carbon dioxide and exhaling precious oxygen. It appears, like all terrestrial life, to have evolved from sea organisms.

Within the tree lie many secrets, her trunk, branches, leaves, bark, roots and seed. They tell a fine story, but this must wait for another day. It is, in essence, the wisdom of the tree.

Onward to the insect and animal kingdom.

Running, leaping, and gliding, I see all form of animal life eeking out a living. Surviving on a tenuous promise – the promise of an experience. The sheer volume of earths organisms are staggering enough and well into the millions.

As for animals and insects, a brief survey suggests: close to 9000 species of birds, with at least one new specie discovered each week, 100,000 species of flies, a whopping 400,000 species of beetles and a scant 7000 species of mammals including man.

All evolving and adapting to changes in her biosphere at any given moment. To say she is prolific would be a gross understatement. In her creations I notice an extraordinary capacity in design, function, and variety, some expressed with a sublime sense of humor.

“Just about everything imaginable has been, is being, or may yet be tried out somewhere, somehow, in this extraordinary world we live in. In evidence in which I testify that the recognized nonlegendary animal kingdom has long since adopted and perfected: movement without muscles, sight without eyes, hearing without ears, smelling without a nose, eating without a mouth, digestion without a stomach or excretion, reproduction without sex, thinking without a brain and life without rest, sleep or death.” Guy Murchie

The Human Animal

The biology of the human animal is a fine example of Gaia’s ingenuity and her apparent love of systems design. The body being made up of 70+ organs, 200+ bones, 600+ muscles and trillions of cells – a veritable human factory that adapts to changes with extraordinary efficiency. All guided and orchestrated by an invisible intelligence that seems to prefer anonymity.

When all is well within the body, dozens of systems operate in unison. The skeleton wrapped with a muscular covering held together by a magical connective tissue consisting mainly of collagen – found in skin, ligament, tendon, gristle and bone, also forms the fascia tissue, a web-like netting that holds everything in place with the tensile strength of steel.

Under a microscope, the bones take form with the precision of a top flight engineering project, no different than bridge or tunnel building where new cells take position in the next spot in line bonding with the collagen molecules as mortar and stone.

The muscles surrounding bone are striated and at molecular levels some of these striations are seen to be crystalline in nature. The muscles tensing and relaxing appear as layers of thin filaments brushing against each other via protein reactions – very much like a ratchet effect.

Then we have a network of nerves, spanning the whole body, found in every organ, and above all, the brain. Their numbers surpassing the hundred billion mark, these nerves transmit electrical impulses like lightening through the entire living system.

Within the system that pumps and transports blood cells we see another remarkable example of fluid dynamics. Where the main function of the blood is to transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body via her network of arteries and the smaller tributary capillaries estimated to add up to an avg of 60,000 miles per person. All the while, the heart gently beats to a natural rhythm pumping on average six quarts of blood with a circulatory round trip of about 60 seconds.

As my thoughts drift from these astonishing observations of human physiology, I notice how I tend to take it all for granted, as if it were my own little creation, or my birthright. Perhaps it is my birthright, I am here now… for some reason. But now I find a deeper reverence welling up within me. A reverence for this shared experience with a living, breathing biosphere and her creations.

And what of the source of these thoughts of mine? Surely there is more than biology and physics at work here. What about the mind, and the subtle energies that emerge as thoughts?

Mind Games

It is no easy task to define how the mind relates to body, simply because no one can agree on the definition. There are perhaps dozens of internal senses that the mind interprets at any given moment… but are they really senses or are they intuition? As an example, a person may have a heightened sense of psychic abilities with clairvoyance, clairaudience, or animal communications.

Is it instinct, intuition or sensory ability? Either way, we could safely conclude that there is a broad and complex nature within the inner-workings of how mind relates to the physical world.

In fact, I’m beginning to see that the physical world around me is not really solid at all, it is composed of infinitely subtle energies that create the illusion of solidity. It’s all in motion. Still, even knowing this, there is a need to function in this physical world and play the game of ‘knowing the illusion’, else-wise we may find ourselves on the slippery slope that leads into the deepest waters of the unknown where duality and non-duality dance their little dance.

Returning to the body-mind connection. The brain acting as the super-computer of the body takes up 2% of body weight yet consumes about 20% of the body’s oxygen and blood. All the while acting as the exchange center of the nervous system where sensations form ideas, and ideas become actions. Within the brain there is a massive network of nerves or neuron cells that are

‘in a sense, the threads of our intelligence, impalpable threads that collectively weave themselves into the tapestry of thought.’ (G.Murchie)

In other words, this is where the electrical impulses generate the energies of thought which take form in feelings, images and words. In addition, the brain interprets these thoughts and censors or filters accordingly through a highly sensitive and complex interpretation of conscious, subconscious and physiological signals.

Ultimately, we believe what we want to believe, and this would be a natural opportunity to segue into the current state of the human condition. But not this day, I’ll stay focused on beauty and try to identify how the earths intelligence generates her beauty. Could there be a formula? It appears so…

The Golden Ratio

While the definition of beauty is different for everyone, I tend to look for symmetry. I feel for the attraction. I sense if it is in harmony and balance with nature. The ancient Greeks identified a strong connection with mathematics and beauty. They noticed that objects proportioned according the golden ratio appeared more attractive.

“A distinctive feature of this shape is that when a square section is removed, the remainder is another golden rectangle; that is, with the same aspect ratio as the first. Square removal can be repeated infinitely, in which case corresponding corners of the squares form an infinite sequence of points on the golden spiral, the unique logarithmic spiral with this property.” wiki

This golden ratio can be found in music, architecture, design and in the very building blocks of nature.

As I come full circle with what has been written, I step back outside and gaze at the colorful mountains around me. I feel a deep gratitude. I feel appreciation for the opportunity to perceive this beauty, not just with my eyes, but my whole being. I feel myself stretching outward and upward, breathing in the potential of what I am becoming…

True, I am but a tiny particle within this vastness, yet I am the entire vastness.

Onward and Inward!

Russell Webb

Notes and References on this article: This article would not have been possible without outside references and inspiration. Many of the stats came from a fantastic book: Seven Mysteries of Life – written by the late Guy Murchie. This is an encyclopedic book on science and philosophy, 17+ years in the writing. Guy Murchie had a passion for life and a profound grasp of the interrelatedness of earths life forms and her biosphere. This was written for you Guy, thanks for being a teacher of beauty.


Stepping outside of the systems of control.
Not an easy step to take.

Going inward reveals the complex illusion of thought, behavior, neurosis.
Dissolving the matrix. Dissolving the illusion. A slow grind.

At the root, a spark of divinity begins to smolder.
Soft wildfire blazes through the nervous system.
All cells shimmer. Blissful bodymind.

Three eyes open to cosmos; a new reality, naked and vulnerable.

Resonance of a feminine power dancing in the masculine stillness.
She comes and goes, her current flows. Pure creativity.

In stillness, in rest, creative forces play.

This planet, she’s wild and alive. Supernatural.
A sentient force dreaming the characters in her dream.
The dreamed awakens into being,
being a beautiful character in her dream.

The dreamer and the dreamed are free.

Onward and inward,
Russell Webb

Hummingbirds are among the smallest of birds measuring 7.5-13 cm. Their beating wings generate a hypnotic hum as they flap at high frequencies audible to humans, typically 50 beats per second, and some of the fastest hummingbirds measured a breathing rate of 250 breaths per second. They can hover, fly backwards, upside down and display extreme acrobatic skills with a wing rotation identical to an infinity symbol. This eternal symbol represents the essence of hummingbird in the spirit realms.

Hummingbirds have the highest metabolism of any warm blooded (homeothermic) animal. They conserve energy at night by entering into a form of hibernation. Early to rise in the dawn morning hours they seek the luxuriant nectar of flowers uniquely co-evolved with hummingbird. These flowers are generally pollinated by birds with little access for other pollinators. There are close to 350 hummingbird species, the earliest dating back 30 million years. Nearly all hummingbirds are found in the Americas.

Considering such rapid metabolism, hummingbird has a long lifespan, potentially up to a decade. Most averaging a span of 3-5 years.

In courtship the male hummingbird dives toward his mate and downward, then upward, forming a large U, then back again, generating a vibration equivalent of 10 G’s of gravitational force, the highest reported acceleration ever recorded in any vertebrate. Twice the speed of a peregrine falcon in pursuit of prey.

The Elders on Hummingbird Totem

Sister hummingbird hears celestial music and is in harmony with it and she embraces the highest aesthetics. The fragile medicine of hummingbird ushers in the magic of living and expression of joy. As a tiny dancer hummingbird share bursts of energy and delight.

The song of hummingbird awakens the medicine flowers and sings a vibration of pure joy. Flowers love hummingbird because nectar-sucking brings about the reproduction of their families. Hummingbird brings life to the plants and flowers.

Hummingbird feathers are used in sacred ceremonies because of their magical qualities in opening the heart. Without an open and loving heart, you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life. The beauty of sister hummingbird and the flowers that feed her teach us how to taste the essence of her spirit and radiate the colors that bring her joy.

Her beauty abides in those who choose to live in beauty.

The fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of the infinity symbol. They are a symbol of eternity, continuity, and infinity. Hummingbirds many attributes include: affection, playfulness, energy, joy, peace, and renewal.

Witnessing hummingbird in flight we are filled with awe and wonder. The hum of the hummingbird reminds us of our own ability to hum the root of an ancient hum, known as OM, restoring health and balance.

hummingbird1Hummingbird is fearless of predators and has been known to chase away eagles. With a fierce independence, they prefer to be alone and free unless it is mating season. During the spring the male will do all he can to capture the attention of the female with his high velocity acrobatics.

Hummingbird totem may appear in your life for many reasons. Examine all facets of hummingbird and reflect on her qualities within yourself. These may include what is missing as well. Hummingbird shares beauty, joy, and playfulness. She has a very high energy, is sustained by pure nectar, builds immaculate nests, chirps a staccato blast in celebration and defense.

Hummingbird knows the secret of sound, music, and vibration; enrich your sensitivity to healing sounds through beautiful music, and the gentle sounds of nature. She hums her song with her wings, and lives in freedom.

By: Russell Webb

Hummingbird References:

Mayan Legend of Tzunuum the Hummingbird – Gift to the Hummingbird.
Native Peoples Share Hummingbird Medicine.
Animal Speak by Ted Andrews – Book
White Eagle Medicine Card Deck
Medicine Cards – Animal Totems
Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air – Incredible Agility

Shamanic Drumming
Power Animal Drumming: Calling the Spirits – Michael Drake

As I drank the bitter tea my apprehension eased. I handed the cup back to the shaman, bowed with reverence, and returned to my seat. As I sat quietly awaiting the unknown effects of the tea, I felt a sense of surrender. I thought, whatever happens here tonight, I’ll get through it.

My first indication of entering the unique state of aya intoxication was a heaviness in the gut, a stirring motion like the uncoiling of a giant serpent. The vision appeared gradually. The snake was slowly winding it’s way up my torso from within, suddenly I caught a clear view and saw it as a multifaceted jewel serpent of intense beauty and color. The serpent then blasted into my minds eye, a giant force, larger than life, and whisked me deep into an inner world. This profound inner journey lasted for many hours.

Later, I would learn this serpent is featured in recurring myths shared by countless mainstream and indigenous cultures for millennia – including the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Aborigines of Australia, and Native American Hopi tribe. The amazonian ayahuascueros who lead these ceremonies claim the mother of ayahuasca is a snake. Hearing this peaked my interest. So I did a little research. Here is a brief outline of the relationship between ancient serpent mythology and the mysterious connection between DNA’s double helix – the source code of life.

The Cosmic Serpent

serpent_gray3Mythical serpents are often immense in size and scope. Some depictions show the serpent encircling the earth, as seen in the image of Ouroboros, an ancient bronze disc discovered in Africa. The Greeks had Typhon a monster serpent who touched the stars. The Hindus have Sesha, the thousand headed serpent of eternity who floats on the cosmic ocean carrying the twin creators Vishnu and Lakshmi.

The Shipibo people share the story of the great anaconda serpent Ronin who circles the entire earth, half submerged in water. Ronin is the mother and guardian of the rivers and the rainbow that links the water to the sun (heavens). In Norse mythology, The World serpent (Midgard) encircled the world in the oceans abyss biting its own tail. These images of the serpent forming a ring and having its tail in its mouth are considered to represent the totality of existence, infinity and the cyclic nature of the cosmos.

My personal favorite is the Gnostic description of the planetary mother as an Aeon named Sophia (gaia) emerging from the pleromic center as a serpentine telluric current of divine organic light (encoded plasma). In this telling, the ancient gnostic seers evoke a unique myth, an open-ended living myth where Gaia-Sophia’s story is, in fact, a fascinating origin story of our biosphere and her magical children of light, the Anthropos.

Sourcing the Myths – Shamanic Investigations

In delving deeper into these serpent myths, my research naturally led into the world of indigenous tribes and the seers / shamans who also take on the role of medicine men.

Historically, the word shaman was invented by early 20th century anthropologists. Originally from Tungus (Siberian) language a Saman is a person who beats a drum, enters into trance and cures people. These early Russian observers treated the saman as a curiosity, even describing them as mentally ill, neurotic, or schizophrenic.

By mid 20th century, these views quickly changed, with Claude Levi Strauss’ observations and conclusions. He claimed these shaman were actually psychotherapists who speak through action, whereas a typical therapist or psychoanalyst listens. According to Strauss, the shaman was a creator of order who cures the people in the tribe – they were seen as Masters of Chaos… Avoiders of Disorder. The mistake of the early western observers (all academics) of the indigenous shaman was obvious in hindsight. They were trying to conduct a rational study of a non-rational subject. The only way to comprehend the chaos of the shaman worldview would require stepping into it, and a few field researchers have done so with impressive discoveries to share: Michael Harner (The Jivaro), and Jeremy Namby (Cosmic Serpent) to name two.

Axis Mundi

According to historian and mythologist Mircea Eliade, this common theme of serpents in mythology witnessed by indigenous shamans appeared as a rope, a ladder, or stairway. Mircea would later call this theme the ‘axis mundi’ or axis of the world. Axis Mundi gives access to the underworld, or otherworld, often described as a passage used by the recently departed (and often witnessed in near death experiences).

liana_grayIn amazonian shamanism, by accessing the otherworld, some shaman believe they can master all the secrets of magic – through the spirit of the ladder. By drinking the tea of a specific liana vine (a component of the ayahuasca tea), often taking form as a double spiral, whom the ayahuasqueros call the spirit vine or the vine of the soul, they have learned to speak the language of nature. As healers, the shaman have impressive track records – proving again and again with empirical evidence – to be valuable resources to western medical science, yet they have never been given proper credit for their discoveries.

As Namby explains: “According to one Ayahuasquero, when he drinks his plant brew, the spirits present themselves and explain everything. They call these invisible beings the ‘maninkari’, who can be found in animals, plants, mountains, streams, lakes and certain crystals. These beings are the source of their knowledge. Maninkiri means ‘those who are hidden’. They can be seen when ingesting strong tobacco or ayahuasca. My investigation had led me to formulate a working hypothesis: In their visions shamans take their consciousness down to the molecular level and gain access to information related to DNA, which they call ‘animate essences’ or ‘spirits’. This is where they see double helix’s, twisted ladders, and chromosome shapes. This is how shamanic cultures have known for millennia that the vital principal is the same for all living beings and is shaped like two entwined serpents. DNA is the source of their astonishing botanical and medicinal knowledge, which can be obtained only in non-rational states of consciousness”.

The DNA Connection

At the heart of the nucleus within every living cell can be found a tapelike coil of DNA that carries the code of life. If you were to stretch out this DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid), you would find a strand of about 2 yds long by 10 atoms wide – making this thread a billion times longer than its width. Yet this thread coils in on itself and packs this extreme length into a minute space within the cell. DNA can contain anything from a few rungs to many thousand, depending on the complexity of the function involved. In addition, this DNA is surrounded by salt water, literally in same concentrations found in sea water. Very much like the serpent Ronin encircling the earth.

dna_grayThe DNA chain is a single long chain made up of two intertwined ribbons – connected by the four protein bases that can only match up in specific pairs A with T and C with G. Any other pairing is impossible due to the atomic structure designed to fit like a key and lock. One of the two ribbons is a duplicate ‘text’ of the original, read by specialized enzymes that transcribe the code. This four letter text code reaches out to surrounding protoplasm and chooses from 20 different amino acids to form the variety of genetic code; as instructions, words, books and even libraries that guide the cellular development of each organism, whether plant, insect, animal or mammal. Interestingly, all phonetic alphabets contain about 20 letters on average – a key number for the expression of written language as we know it.

The second ribbon allows for the duplication of the original and can actually unzip and replicate itself into an identical double helix with the help of more specialized enzymes. This is how cells divide (mitosis), through the code of instruction that is Deoxyribonucleic acid – deo is Latin for God and DNA certainly exerts a mystical godlike power. In essence DNA is the source of life molecule carrying the information that instructs and guides all living organisms and species. Without DNA, there would be no intelligent organic life. What is most extraordinary is this DNA is uniquely our own and identical in atomic arrangement from head to toe, and one could even conclude the origin source of knowledge.

Russell Webb





Guest Post: Khris Krepcik.

There are Beings in the aluna spirit worlds that I call the Gaia Tribes. They have a half-animal, half-human form. But they aren’t just spiritual beings in the aluna, they are human beings alive in the physical plane. You have to understand that separation between the physical and non-physical nature of reality is only an illusionary gap created by your mind. The physical and non-physical coexist — intertwined and woven together in one overall multidimensional reality. And you have to realize that you have a multidimensional spiritual self to really understand it. But it’s amazing to watch.

Whenever you’ve heard of someone having animal medicine, a power animal, or a totem spirit — it’s not a hypothetical thing. It’s a very real connection to the spirituality of nature. The sacred animals, elements, and plants are very real. They have a higher self — an etheric spirit — as all natural things do. They have inner wisdoms and mystical powers. And if you align to them with your inner feelings, they can be called in to assist and guide you. It’s a connection and a communication with spirit. It’s a relationship.

Your subtle etheric body isn’t just a subtle little glow of light surrounding your physical body. Your subtle etheric body is a multidimensional spiritual fractal logo and fractal cube of information. Your subtle etheric body is your consciousness — your energy — your higher self. It’s all the same thing, and you can actually learn to see it. Your subtle etheric energy is your true spiritual identity. Your physical body is only one small part of what you really are. Your multidimensional identity is very detailed and intricate. It morphs through various forms — moment to moment — in direct relation to your inner feelings in the moment.

When you have strong animal medicine, a power animal, or totem spirit — your fractal logo reveals it. It’s like a holographic multidimensional overlay on your skin, to where both your physical human body and your animal spirit connection can be seen at the same time — to where you appear as being half-animal, half-human. It’s like a merging of energies, inner wisdoms, and mystical powers. And your power animals can also be seen hovering within your fractal cube or walking around with you in 3D. This can be seen in the aluna spirit worlds via trance states, but this can also be seen eyes wide open in broad daylight.

It may sound strange, but what I tell you is correct. Shamanic cultures have observed it for thousands of years. Perceiving the spiritual nature of reality is actually more normal than viewing a computer screen.

The Gaia Tribes are people in this world with connections to nature, spirit worlds, and the Beings of those worlds. They are fringe dwellers that don’t really belong to the tick-tock system and technology of this world, because they belong to the ways of Mother Nature and the inner worlds. Most of them aren’t even aware that they even have an animal form, although they may ‘feel’ certain things about their connections. And then sometimes they’re very aware of it. But the etheric energy, fractal logo on the skin, and fractal cube of their multidimensional spiritual identity is what really reveals their connections.

Whenever you’ve heard of someone shapeshifting, what’s happening is that an aspect of their higher self is being revealed. Sometimes it can be showing a form of channelling or even possession, but it’s usually just revealing an aspect of the person’s own multidimensional higher self and spiritual form. And not all spirits are necessarily benevolent. One should be aware of both sides of the phenomenon and what it means.

The Gaia Tribes are usually celestial forces that are aligned to the spirituality of nature. Some of them are aluna fighters, some of them are healers, and some of them are visionaries. Most of them are just down to earth, natural, and real people that just want to live in harmony with nature. But in the aluna spirit worlds and on a multidimensional energy level — they are Mystical Tribes. The Big Cat Tribes, Bird Tribes, Deer Tribes, Insect Tribes. There are too many to list in just one little article, and there are many versions within each species, so to speak. And some people have connections to more than just one animal spirit, to where they morph between different half-animal, half-human forms, or they can appear in combinations of various animals and human form at the same time. But they are all the Children of Gaia — Nature Beings.

Life is way more mystical, than what one might think. Life’s a Mystical Experience.

© 2014 – Khris Krepcik

Guest Post By: Stuart Wilde –

The way to eliminate the weight or anguish of your life quickly is to begin to discipline and control the ego. There is no emotional pain that is not ego-driven. We don’t want to eliminate the ego completely. Otherwise we’d be wandering around the house each morning, drinking coffee for hours, saying “Who the hell am I?” We need the ego to sustain a sense of identity.

However, if you’ll start by calling ego’s bluff, and understanding the games it gets you into, you can develop strategies for managing things better. You really don’t need any qualification or high-powered university degree to understand the psychology of the ego’s machinations. Its ways are predictable and easy to understand.

Watch when it suckers you into importance. Stifle it when it seeks more and more gratification. Ignore it when it offers a hundred questions. Answer most of its questions — let it know that you’re not interested and that you just don’t care.

When you experience frustration, look for the vision that’s denied. Look at the time frames you’ve invested that vision with. Develop patience. If you see yourself as an infinite being, you have all eternity. You can wait forever if needs be.

When angry, look for the loss. When you’re sad, also look for the loss — sadness is just another manifestation of the same reaction. It’s OK to be sad sometimes. Just agree to whatever loss is making you sad, then look for freshness and beauty and the life force. Happiness returns in a moment.

Remember, all mental weight comes from the interaction of two or more opposing forces in your mind — your reaction to circumstance, and your opinion or desire. You can fix most of the contradictions by controlling circumstances better and learning not to react when they don’t suit. If you have less resistance, your opinions and desires will be less rigid. You’ll learn to flow through life rather than fight your way along.

Learning to accept the contradictions of life is just a flip of the mind. Train your mind to be less dogmatic by offering it lots of self-imposed contradictions. Throw yourself into the icy lake of realism, don’t let the ego play that cozy, safe, guaranteed game with you. You should never forget that your guarantee in life lies in the fact that you have none. That should spur you to action. Ignore the guarantee, get on with the journey. In the end, your energy — your perception and your ability — is all you have.

Raise your energy and there’s your guarantee. Discipline yourself and don’t let little emotional upsets become large theatrical self-indulgences which destroy your stability and last ages. Change all the things you can easily change, accept most of the ones you can’t change, and walk away from the rest.

Change your opinions, control the ego, and the light of spirit flows naturally from within your serenity. The more level and equitable your life becomes, the more the inner light of God shines through your mind — bypassing the ego and showing you a beauty and perception of life that most never even seek, let alone attain.

The light is always there, just beyond the veil of the brain’s oscillations and the world of opinion, intellect and rigidity. One glimpse is enough. No words can properly describe the magnificence of the incandescent light of God. For within it is the very breath of life itself, and from it flows not just an overwhelming sense of love and security, but a sacred knowledge that beckons to us to reach beyond all earthly terms. Laced within that heavenly light is a glow, tempered in a diaphanous hue, the softness of which flows upon you more tenderly than the softest touch possible.

It is through this softness that the human heart is settled. All anguish and fear is gently dispersed in the rapture of such a goodness, the like of which can only overwhelm the human mind in awe.

Dominate the ego, call the spirit forward in as much humility and poise as you can muster, and let that be your guide and your healer. Let the grace of it sweep through your life.

Yes. And imagine this ofttimes weary and frightened heart — all fear melted away, all anguish receding in the ghost of time. Yes, and see that same heart — fragile in its beauty, diligent in its task, beating quietly in the human breast, destined to eventual failure yet soldiering on in all circumstances — lovingly providing sustenance to the organism in silence.

Yes, and in that same heart, obligated and labored as it is by its chore, there is space for even more expansion and further obligation. It yearns and seeks and begs to be given it.

What obligation, we ask?

The obligation to carry a spark of the God force within itself. Not just for the benefit of the organism to which it is indentured, but to shine — ever so faintly perhaps, but shine all the while — for the benefit of others. So all shall see and remember, lest the reason for everything be forgotten in the turmoil of ego and spite, importance and power.

Yes, and if we listen quietly we will hear the heart as it calls from its hidden place saying, “Give me the light to carry, honor me with the obligation. Let me be the beast of burden and offer the enormity of that incandescence to my brothers and sisters. Let me shine to quiet the fears of our people, elevating and inspiring them, invigorating them in momentary glimpses of the heavenly light and a better world.”

Yes. And that heavenly light, beckoning all the while, yet never insisting. Silently reminding each to glimpse beyond sorrow and pain, beyond the illusion of our insecurity, to glimpse no less into the very depth of God’s embrace.

Such is the wonder of it, no mortal can be but engulfed by its majesty. The nobility of which, flowing as a stream of light — sometimes gold, sometimes violet — passes through the human heart, silencing the mind, engulfing the emotions in a profound sensation. Pure love. Eternal love.

The quiet heart — so sweet and kind and full of compassion — reaches back within, seeking to find for itself a place to rest within that violet light of eternity. That humble wish, its grace, its simplicity, when granted is like a gentle kiss — the goodness of which tumbles upon you with the softness of a snowflake you imagine has fallen from the very hand of God.

Yes, and think again, what is life if not just a collection of experiences? And what are you if not just a memory of your reaction to those experiences? Better therefore to remember it well, proud and heroic. Put aside the silly foibles of the ego that tarnish the memory of you.

Accept and rejoice that such a great gift as this was bestowed by God personally, upon you. The gift of Life.

Accept the spirit within and let it heal you. then walk through the lives of your people, teaching them the same process.

And one day, some day, you may look back at your planet from a great place and you may smile.

For you’ll see the goodness of it all, gently spreading eon by eon to cover all of our people.

And you’ll remember that you were there in the early days, when the renaissance of that goodness was first launched.

“Yes,” you’ll say, “I remember my life, I remember it well.”

“It was most fine.”

© 2013 Stuart Wilde source