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She is the terrible one who has a dreadful face. Her hair is disheveled and she wears a garland of freshly cut human heads. Her ear ornaments are the corpses of children. Her fangs are dreadful, and her face is fierce. Her breasts are large and round, and she wears a girdle made of severed […]

She is the perfect wisdom that never comes into being And therefore never goes out of being. She is known as the Great Mother… She is the Perfect Wisdom who gives birthless birth to all Buddhas. And through these sublimely Awakened Ones, It is Mother Prajnaparamita alone Who runs the wheel of true teaching. In […]

She has a body like pure crystal. She shines with the light of the rising sun. In her four hands she holds a noose, a goad, arrows, and a bow. She is seated on a throne like a queen, she wears many jewels, the crescent moon adorns her forehead, she has heavy breasts and a […]

She dwells on a forest glade high on a mountainside. Her beauty reflects the lure of the forest. Her skin glistens with emerald light; the healing sap of trees flows in her veins; her limbs are robust and supple as saplings. She adorns herself with natures finery: feathers, flowers, fruit, and berries. She is necklaced […]

She has a smiling face, her eyes are intoxicated, and she is seated on a corpse. She is blue in color and has the disc of the moon on her forehead. She has a very thin waist, her breasts are round and firm, and she holds a noose, a sword, a goad, and a club […]

Tara has many forms. Golden Prassana Tara is Terrible to Behold, blazing like the sun, with a necklace of bloody heads and sixteen arms holding an array of weapons and Tantric attributes. She “emancipates the universe” and ‘destroys the veils of ignorance.’ She Who is Fearsome With Upward Flaming Hair. Tara the War Goddess. Who […]

Dhumavati is ugly, unsteady, and angry. She is tall and wears dirty clothes. Her ears are ugly and rough, she has long teeth, and her breasts hang low. She has a long nose. She has the form of an angry widow. Her eyes are fearsome and her hands tremble. She rides in a chariot that […]

Bodhima (Visvamata) and Kalachakra adopt a striking pose, locked in passionate embrace, lovingly gazing at each other. The intimacy they share and the dazzling display of arms create a dynamic tour de force. Kalachakra is time and everything is under the influence of time, Kalachakra knows all. Whereas Kalachakri or Kalichakra (Visvamata), his spiritual consort […]

She is the quintessence of sweet eros, Glorious with the beauty of infinite fiery brilliance, With full breasts and buttocks, Terrible with fangs flashing in the light Shooting from her three rolling red eyes Her broad tongue lashes its curling tip She is as bright as all fires… Kurukulla is a ‘Female Tathagata’, a primordial […]

She is resplendent like the rising sun and wears a bright moon disc on her brow. She is adorned with a crown and a necklace of jewels. She is bent down due to the weight of her large breasts, and in her hands she holds two lotuses and two bunches of rice shoots. She has […]