Shiva and Shakti — those words, what they mean, really signify the play of the whole universe. The universe has a stationary, immovable, unrealizable transcendental source. I say it’s unrealizable because it is completely beyond human experience. The only way you can adjust into that is by becoming it. Becoming it will not help you have any knowledge about it, it will not be available to your faculties; it’s beyond the action of faculties, understanding, emotion, any form of cognitive or feeling-based apprehension. That is Shiva. That is the root of where that metaphor comes from. Because it’s out of sight, because it is transcendental to experience, it can be called the foundation of the universe. It’s the foundation of all action, even the action of the formation of galaxies. It never comes into being and yet it is eternally rooted in reality itself — it is reality in its unmanifested dimension. Because that Shiva aspect is beyond experience, beyond thought, cognition, apprehension it’s also beyond all causes and effects. David Spero – Source Link  
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