Category: Power Animals

Hummingbirds are among the smallest of birds measuring 7.5-13 cm. Their beating wings generate a hypnotic hum as they flap at high frequencies audible to humans, typically 50 beats per second, and some of the fastest hummingbirds measured a breathing rate of 250 breaths per second. They can hover, fly backwards, upside down and display […]

As I drank the bitter tea my apprehension eased. I handed the cup back to the shaman, bowed with reverence, and returned to my seat. As I sat quietly awaiting the unknown effects of the tea, I felt a sense of surrender. I thought, whatever happens here tonight, I’ll get through it. My first indication […]

Guest Post: Khris Krepcik. There are Beings in the aluna spirit worlds that I call the Gaia Tribes. They have a half-animal, half-human form. But they aren’t just spiritual beings in the aluna, they are human beings alive in the physical plane. You have to understand that separation between the physical and non-physical nature of […]