Prana-shakti, often termed Kundalini-shakti is a potent vibratory current which serves as an initiation mechanism. It utilizes energy to communicate the essence of the Divine, of the total Divine—which includes Non-Duality or Light, Devotional Intoxication or Love, and raw spiritual Current (Kundalini or Prana-shakti). Within the stream of the Prana-shakti is or exists a self-sufficient river toward Divine Communion. Kundalini-shakti is not merely some kind of occult energy; it’s been widely misunderstood, unfortunately. Those who are prejudicial toward the Kundalini-shakti tend to favor a non-active Absolute, a non-active Absolute, but those who want to enjoy the motion of life and realize the essence of life simultaneously will often traverse the path of the Prana-shakti.

David Spero – Source Link

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