Shakti Cluster Diagram: Invoking the Devetas

Meditation with the Diagram

This is my approach: As I gaze at the diagram, each Devi is acknowledged with reverence and a few minutes of time is devoted to each. I call them in turn; om na ma kali ma 3x and so forth. It is done with pleasure and imagination. Aside from meditation, each Devi is studied and explored in greater detail, this develops intimacy and, in turn, evolves into a natural form of devotion. Make offerings to these aspects of the Great Mother. Make a beautiful alter and offer flowers, food, art etc.  

Shakti log: 9/9/2022 – Stay tuned. I will be publishing notes and journal entries dating back for approximately 7 years. Most entries will be related to energy and healing work with assistance from Devi deities in the Shakti Cluster. It’s been a thrill! Thank you JLL for showing the way!