Sophianic Myth

Nothing in nature is born without a birthplace and a matrix, its mothering entity. This law applies to microbes, animals, even the oceans and clouds. Likewise, no myth, metaphysical teaching, spiritual system, religion, ideology, work of art, or scientific theory comes into the world out of nowhere. Every event that confers self-understanding on the human species comes, not from “humanity” in an abstract sense, but from a particular locale in the world inhabited by a distinct racial strain. The Japanese creation myth, for instance, comes from the island of Japan and its native peoples. Aztec mythology arose from the landscape and mindset of the Meso-American peoples, the local tribes. The dominant belief-system in the world today, the trio of Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), came originally out of Canaan (modern Palestine) and spread across the planet from there. Visit this site to explore the best mini series on the Sophianic Myth… But start with the video here first.

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