A typical Shakti Healing session will address all of the primary energy bodies, including the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Shakti Healing revitalizes the nervous system and initiates release. Shakti can be aimed at any health issue as it naturally re-calibrates all of the energy centers (chakras). 

The power chakra, in the center, is the source of your emotional body. This area around the belly is the main storehouse for emotions. Unresolved emotions tend to settle here in layers. These layers can be a main source of dis-ease and stress. Therefore release in the power chakra is vital to a persons health and well-being. Ultimately the root cause of emotional imbalance must be addressed by all individuals for permanent release.

At the end of each session there is a sublime release within the bodymind. This translates into a blissful sensation that can last for many days.  It is a return to our true nature. It is a beautiful reminder that this bliss current is readily available to anyone at any time. Visit my site for more details – EnergyHealing.pro – or to schedule an appt.

Onward and Inward,

Russell Webb

PS: There are three shakti deities present in all sessions. Who appears will depend on the individual. Insights on how this work has evolved can be found here.

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