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To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light. Once one has experienced a few times what it is like to stand judgingly between the opposites, one begins to understand what is meant by the self. Anyone who perceives his shadow and his light simultaneously sees himself from two sides […]

From the Archive – Midwinter: Inspired by Guy Murchies fine work – The Seven Mysteries of Life. Here I sit in the early hours of a dawning sunrise, gazing at the expansive sight of the returning sun. Helios is cloaked in a fabric of cirrus clouds and in this moment playfully hiding behind the mountains […]

Stepping outside of the systems of control. Not an easy step to take. Going inward reveals the complex illusion of thought, behavior, neurosis. Dissolving the matrix. Dissolving the illusion. A slow grind. At the root, a spark of divinity begins to smolder. Soft wildfire blazes through the nervous system. All cells shimmer. Blissful bodymind. Three […]

As I drank the bitter tea my apprehension eased. I handed the cup back to the shaman, bowed with reverence, and returned to my seat. As I sat quietly awaiting the unknown effects of the tea, I felt a sense of surrender. I thought, whatever happens here tonight, I’ll get through it. My first indication […]

Guest Post: Khris Krepcik. There are Beings in the aluna spirit worlds that I call the Gaia Tribes. They have a half-animal, half-human form. But they aren’t just spiritual beings in the aluna, they are human beings alive in the physical plane. You have to understand that separation between the physical and non-physical nature of […]

Guest Post By: Stuart Wilde – The way to eliminate the weight or anguish of your life quickly is to begin to discipline and control the ego. There is no emotional pain that is not ego-driven. We don’t want to eliminate the ego completely. Otherwise we’d be wandering around the house each morning, drinking coffee […]

Guest Post By: Khris Krepcik – The underlying nature of reality is that Everything is Energy. It’s not a concept. It’s not a theory. It’s reality. We live in a multidimensional universe of holographic etheric fields — fields upon fields of subtle vibrational forces, particles, and strings. And even if you cannot see the fields, you will sometimes feel and sense […]

Guest Post By: Khris Krepcik – Gossip is a Human Sickness. Gossip is like an open-sore, pus-yellowish green, venereal disease of the mouth. It drips, spreads, infiltrates, infects, and poisons the energy and minds of other people. Gossip is a form of sexual dysfunction. It’s an outcropping of sexual dissatisfaction and sexual inadequacy. Who’s to […]

Guest Post By: Stuart Wilde – I am sorry this article is a bit long, but I’m sure you will find it inspirational and informative, if you have time. You might remember I wrote in “Whispering Winds of Change,” in 1996, that the world would split into two evolutions. On the one hand, one group […]

Guest Post By: Stuart Wilde – In the beginning there was a vast space, it was very beautiful but it was very dark and cold and wide. It was feminine and the Higher Gods called her Om. There was also light, it was blisteringly hot because it was held in a very confined space, the […]