Few people are aware of Larry Shines work. In brief, he was a seeker, who became an adept of the mysteries, who eventually became a fully realized Master. He grew up in Los Angeles CA, traveled the world, and lived in India for over 40 years. He passed away in the 80’s. Famed author Somerset Maugham wrote a book partially based on his story; The Razors Edge. Yet his account of the spiritual reality of Shines final accomplishments is not revealed, this is likely due to Shines status at the time as an adept still in his seeking phase.

When a genuine adept reaches the pinnacle of their training, they tend to come down from the mountain and teach. Shine sought his retirement in the high deserts of CA, in Death Valley to be precise, in the small town of Beatty. Here he would live a humble existence receiving visitors from all over the world. Those who knew of his reputation would not hesitate to make the long journey to seek his guidance. He was a master of the healing arts. He understood alchemy. He knew the secret language of symbols. And he possessed the Word.

There were a few adepts who followed his work closely, who lived nearby. With reverence, they called him The Old Man. They built a small ashram in the Eastern Sierras and practiced his prescribed exercises diligently. They too became alchemists and assembled his work into a compact 72 pg book. This book is a mysterious work. Many readers fail to complete the book, setting it on the shelf to gather dust. This I have personally witnessed many times. In fact, it happened to me as well, as I shelved it for several years. Truly, a person must be primed and ready to recognize the potency of this work. It either grabs you or repels you. In other words, it’s all about timing.

I crossed paths with his work due to a fortuitous meeting. Eventually I had the pleasure of practicing meditation in that small ashram, as well as receiving his writings in book form. I happened to live near this property in the Sierras. Later I would participate in healing work with others and we would receive guidance from other Beings, including a handful of the Devis and Master Shine. They dwell in a faster frequency setting. They assist in the healing work we do.

Having read his work many times now, I can attest the guidance is lucid and encouraging. There are messages here that relate to the ancient mysteries. Some answers are cloaked, others are revealed. I have discovered new insights with each reading, with an effect akin to peeling back of layers – wisdom steadily revealed is an unfoldment according to one’s readiness. In his own words:

“ One who possesses the Word talks from authority of all things in heaven and earth. There is a strange work done through God in the interiors of one who possesses the Word.

The Word is all understanding, all wisdom, all balance. The Word is God, the principle of all life; and, he who possesses it, is burdened beyond description and is crucified (or bound) to the universe. His authority is felt and heard by each animate and inanimate form of creation in the universe, including the seen and unseen celestial bodies.

One with the word can withhold the laws of cause and effect for a time, although he never reaches beyond the laws of cause and effect. Nor can he reach the place where the laws of cause and effect do not make him account for every action and deed — nor does anyone ever reach beyond the law.

Anyone possessing the word talks from authority for that dispensation at that particular time — not from his own flesh and blood authority (for that is no authority); nor does this authority lie in the balance of mans faculties. This is a higher authority.

On the completion of man there is a tree called the Tree of Life which contains twelve branches and thirteen fruit. The center fruit is at the top of the tree. It receives the reflection of all things and they are balanced on their way down by the twelve branches and they reach the one who possesses the Word in balanced, symbolic expressions. He, in turn, transmutes these symbols into his own words — being aware of his own limitations, his own selfishness, his own desires infiltering into the authority of the Word.

No one can talk from the authority of God unless he is ordained by the creator. One ordained by the creator has the word, and the word is God. “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God” — St John 1:1

All other spiritual gifts (and there are so many they cannot be numbered) are given you through the laws of cause and effect. The laws of cause and effect determine what pattern you are in. Man, being a free moral agent, is repelled out of one pattern  and attracted to another by his quality and by what he does every second and every minute of his life.

The will, desire, or alchemical formulas can have no effect on building the Tree of Life or stop it from growing. The first exercise in this book is activating the centers of the body and balancing the faculties — this builds the roots of the Tree of Life. Their quality and strength of character and balance determine whether one will have the Tree of Life.”

This emphasis on the Tree of Life is particularly revealing. I consider this a resolution on a most divisive subject, as the topic has been co-opted by the Kabbalists, claiming it as their own. Far from it. Anyone can prove this with a search for the Universal Tree of Life.

With the Tree of Life (TOL) as perhaps the most important exercise in Shines book, initially I was concerned, however there is no mention of Zaddik influence in his writings. In fact, there is no dogma to be found anywhere in this little gem of a book. I admit to inner conflict as I attempted to reconcile the instruction coming through his work with the existing TOL literature flavored by the chosenites. The only way to resolve the inner conflict was to blaze right through it. By Breathing Life into the Tree  this is how it is done. With daily attention on this exercise, I have found the results to be quite extraordinary. It is the most efficient method to release and clear toxins from each of the bodies: mental, emotional, and physical. From the physical body; all glands and organs are cleared, proper circulation is restored and the nervous system is balanced. There is tenfold emphasis on the main power chakra at the belly where emotional debris settles. All energy chakras are restored to capacity. This is a brief glimpse at the full potential of this exercise. It expands with each effort… it grows as a tree grows. This is the Tree of Wisdom. This is the building of the inner Temple.

In conclusion, Shines great work was written for humanity with attention aimed at those seekers who have evolved to a certain degree. His work was closely guarded at the ashram, protected to the extreme. I am now receiving guidance this work can be released. There is a vetting process involved. It is simple to apply from my end. If anyone has an interest in his work, then reach me through the contact page and make the request. I will see what comes in…


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It is strange how it works when you are able to possess most anything. There is nothing you want that you do not use. You have no desire for fame, power, glory, or riches. Your desire then is to live in a bracket where you are neither envied or pitied.

L. Shine

Some day you will reach the development of everything that is written here – and so much more. Remember, be ready to meet your God and be prepared for that fire of heaven concealed within your spine, for the quickening processes have begun. “Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is. I Cor. 3:13” 

L. Shine
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