Bagalamukhi Mahavidya - She is the Giver of Magical Powers

She has assumed a serious mood and is maddened with intoxication. Her brilliance reflects the golden hue of her body. On her forehead is the crescent moon, which is yellow in color.

Bagalamukhi (aka Idris) is associated with supernatural or magical powers, with the ability to immobilize and attract others. In one myth, she is petitioned by the male gods to rescue the world from a power-crazed demon whose very words can kill and destroy. She stops the demon’s rampage by grasping his tongue, preventing him from further speech. She is usually portrayed in this act.

In this myth, her power to paralyze is explicit and stressed. She is often said to give the power of paralyzing the movements and activities of enemies. She gives vak siddhi – the power of superior speech – by which all opponents can be defeated. She has the power to freeze, stun, or paralyze.

Ancient Symbols and the Magic of Color

In exploring the diverse range of instruction coming from the Mahavidyas, the astute observer will notice this knowledge takes form in symbolism and colors. Any verbal or clairaudient guidance is always brief and concise. The twilight language of the Dakinis requires careful attention to comprehend. Explore JLL’s work for a deep dive into Dakini instruction.

She Who is Dressed in Yellow. She is often said to like yellow, to be dressed in yellow, and to prefer yellow offerings like turmeric beads. Yellow is considered an auspicious color, symbolizing the sun and gold. The lust for money paralyzes people, and the sight of gold has the same effect. Turmeric is a golden-colored spice, the main spice in curry, and is one of the most potent herbs on the planet in fighting and reversing disease.

She is the Giver of Magical Powers

More than any of the other Mahavidyas, Idris is associated with magical powers, which are sometimes referred to as accomplishments or perfections. She Who Gives Magical and Mystical Powers. She Who’s Form is the Power to Paralyze. She gives the ability to stupefy. She also gives the power of forceful intelligent speech by which one can defeat any opponent, no matter how brilliant.

Idris has the power to control the five breaths inside – By doing so, she controls the vital breath, she conquers the tongue, which means self-control over greed, speech, and taste. She has the power to grant worldly enjoyment and to grant wisdom, knowledge, and liberation. She Who is the Bestower of Ultimate Liberation. She Who Gives Wisdom. She also delights in granting ultimate enjoyment. She is the Giver of Wealth and the Giver of Pleasures and Power.

In her ability to bestow the power of attracting others, she delights in sexual attraction. She dwells where there is sexual desire, who likes sexual desire, who gives sexual desire, whose eyes are full of desire. She takes pleasure in sexual play. She Who’s Form is the Yoni.

“Idris secret power is to release the moral and emotional paralysis of blocks and obstacles. She who paralyzes can also de-paralyze. She has the power to switch obstacles in an instant, suddenly you are around it. She performs her switch exclusively with negative and blocking elements in your life that prevent you from attaining the best outcome of your desires.

There is no need to process the negative material, you do not have to learn anything from the blocks. The switch is sudden, so much so that you cannot rationally work it out. At one moment you realize that you don’t have to continue doing something that blocks you and holds you back. Her guidance is swift, silent, and impeccable.

Idris reverses our blocking attitudes so that we flow around, rather than smash into, whatever impedes us from truth and happiness. She represents and informs that aspect of the human psyche that liberates itself spontaneously from conflict and contradiction. The bridle of destiny holds us on the course, keeping desire tightly coupled with all that is truly ours to love, learn, and enjoy.” JLL – source

References: Ten Mahavidias – Kinsley
Art Credit: RAW – SundariStudio
Lunar Cycle: Crescent Moon Sighting in the TWINS 

Shakti Diagram Invocation: Use the Shakti Diagram – gaze at her position. Aim your attention on your heart center. Speak with reverence and respect. Repeat 3x as below. She will see you, and hear you.


Om Na Ma Mahavidya Bagalamukhi
Om Na Ma Mahavidya Bagalamukhi
Om Na Ma Mahavidya Bagalamukhi

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