Shakti Healing Notes

A few years ago I was invited by a close friend to team up for a healing session on a cancer patient. I agreed and we had the patient lie down while we worked. What happened next was an unexpected surprise. A host of Devi’s appeared to assist in the healing work.

In hindsight, I can see what transpired was related with other events leading up to this session. In the earlier years, going back to 2009, I had witnessed a number of unusual phenomena with a few other energetic healers who I consider mentors. They taught myself and others how to become sensitive to energy (chi), and how to use feelings to gauge any adverse health condition and remove etheric blocks, clear negative energies, and bring in more light.

I was encouraged to continue this work, but I wasn’t quite ready, so I let it be and continued with my journey. At this time, my career took a back seat while my attention was focused on dredging up all manner of inner darkness, bad habits, hidden disorders, quirky subconscious chatter, you know… shadow work. Here I went on a five year stint doing plant medicines like Ayahuasca and Peyote which helped a great deal. I’ll refrain from those tales… yet one episode was revealing when I came face to face with Shodashi who would become a close guardian moving forward. I could barely hold my gaze before turning away, while her beauty is mesmerizing, it can overwhelm the senses. Looks like I wasn’t ready for her yet either.

In those years of dredging I would do the two-step-forward one-step-back dance, not knowing how else to deal with these nagging issues – how many times do I have to clear this?  Slowly but surely I learned to release through breathwork (pranayama) and this would be a major step forward as the lower chakras were addressed. Once those were clear enough I received an unexpected ecstatic transmission from an awakened master (spero). This was a kundalini event lasting many hours, I was blissed out with not a care in the world. Shodashi was present and delighted to introduce me into her reality. There are stories within stories here… including the entire JLL – GNE event which introduced me to the Gaian Dakinis in spectacular fashion.

Once this kundalini event transpired I was ready for doing the energy work, I just didn’t know it yet. Eventually I got the call to help out and I was quick to agree. The early healing sessions were experimental, then we developed a system, then we learned how to stay out of the way. There is no need to do any hands on work at this stage, nor diagnosis, nor talk therapy. While some patients need that approach, it’s not necessary. All that is needed is be present and reside in deep stillness. Silence. To be present is the I’m-here-with-you factor; here on this earth plane at this time. In silence the exquisite shakti current can enter and do what it needs to do.

If one is clairvoyant, with third eye open – the all seeing eye – then they will see phenomena. If this faculty is dormant it’s possible to feel the energy frequency, or as in clairaudience hear the guidance. In my own experience doing this work, I have witnessed many blissed-out patients at the end of a session. It’s a return to our true nature.

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Russell Webb

The divine muses reside in realms nearby. They are masters. They are dancers, singers, artists, musicians, healers. They inspire through presence. Some clairvoyants have witnessed their arrangements. Higher clairvoyants can see their methodologies and communicate directly.

My first direct experience with the shakti personas was during a healing session, as myself and another worked on a patient. They appeared around the table as a group; Shodashi, then Kali, then Tara, then Vudasi. What is this we thought? Such an extraordinary event unfolding before us. They surrounded the patient and proceeded to operate with swift grace. In hindsight this was a demonstration, simple enough. They were displaying their prowess in the healing arts, and we were accomplices; open channels for the flow of their energy. They were directing us to be quiet, to be still, so they could enter through us. And this is what we observed:

One of us sat at the foot end of the table, the other at the crown. The patient lay on their back, resting in meditative state. Immediately a current of energy, a circuit was created between all three participants. The energy source appeared above us and enters through crown, out through hands. Then we see adjustments, where the circuit finds its natural flow from crown to crown, through hands into feet of patient, up through patients body, out of patients crown into healer then out through healers crown… then up and over and back to crown of healer at the feet. This creates a loop of energy as a current. This current can be colorized, white, golden, blue, purple, and so on. Each color has specific frequency. Usually color adjusts as it will.

Once the circuit was created, Shodashi entered into the crown of the healer, at head of table, then entered into the patient. Here my sight was refined and I witnessed an expansion of the energy body of the patient, and within, there was Shodashi making adjustments to codes, symbols, and geometries. This was all happening at a high velocity, too fast for me to track. I asked what they were doing, they replied ‘ no need to know ‘ as in, too complicated now, be quiet. This visual was like being in a bubble that can expand or contract at will, and across the surface of the bubble were patterns and symbols and floating within it. Some symbols appear to be broken and damaged, and they are made whole again.

There were moments when they focused on certain areas of the body, organs, limbs, brain, and nervous system. Then just as quickly as it starts, it is done, no more than 15 minutes later she withdrew in the same manner she entered. At some point, Kali entered as well, and here she was showing Shodashi a new technique of some kind.

Once the session was completed, we looked at each other questioning ‘did that just happen? Yes.’ In questioning patient, we learned of intense energies, tingling, around head and certain areas of body, she saw some colorful visuals, like fireworks etc. There was also the feeling of blissful calm, she felt peaceful and sedated. Some patients witness their presence, some do not. This depends on how developed their clairvoyant faculty is. These higher frequencies can put one to sleep if they are unprepared. This is ok, also interesting to observe.

From healers perspective it was intense, the pure energy current is palpable, eyes can get watery, sinuses open up, and frequent yawning to adjust to the light radiance coming through. This can be exhausting for one practitioner, easier to manage with two, and best with three. This number three, the triad, is emphasized again and again in the healing and creative arts. Tripura Sundari is Shodashi, master and mistress of the three worlds. Much can be accomplished in threes, or combinations of three. It’s a shame that the number 33 has been co-opted by the fools of the world. But it will be reclaimed, no doubt.

After this initial healing session, several years ago, many more have followed. We have refined our perception. We have witnessed many diverse conditions and remedies. And most importantly we agree that we are not doing the healing work. That comes in from higher grounds. We acknowledge that we are open vessels and this is a responsibility in its own right; this requires a silence within, no ego trips. In silence we hold the space, otherwise we pollute the process. The vessels that we inhabit are in alignment (frequency) with the patients we work with. Otherwise we would not be needed.

We have since learned they, the shakti personas, will appear in greater numbers, up to eight have been witnessed in one session. Each patient has a guardian connected to their date of birth, and this guardian will always be present.

Most patients have inner darkness to contend with, and the shakti goddess’ will not enter EVER, unless this is addressed. However, they will stand aside and reach in to make adjustments. I recall hearing this statement: will not enter if conditions are unkind, will not risk getting stuck in their hell. Remember, nothing is hidden in these faster realms, and your light body is visible to all and sundry. Each one of us is responsible for the quality of our own energy. These darker, heavier energies tend to reside in the belly, often layers deep. This is the source point of the emotional body. It is also the source of your most powerful energy center, the solar plexus. This main energy center and all other energy centers need to be released of emotional toxins and debris. Learn how to do this (here) and why it is vital to acquire balance and symmetry in each of your bodies; mental, emotional, and physical.

In concluding, one message prevails: These divine muses are available to anyone who calls them in, this has been stated clearly to us. Any healing practitioner can summon Vudasi or Shodashi. It is to be done with reverence and humbleness. It is to everyone’s benefit to prepare for changes ahead. There is a quickening underway now. Learn the Bodhisattva vow and you will understand their motive.


Russell Webb

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