As a close ally once said “The human Matrix is frenetic, neurotic, and full of fear and pain, that is it’s control mechanism. To spin away and be different and eventually escape, you have to be centered and develop a deep calm.”

I have a blueprint to share with you. Use this blueprint if you have questions about narratives broadcast across mainstream or alternative media. Use it to expose false narratives in cinema, television, video games, science, politics, history, and world wars. Use it to expose the actors: a celebrity, executive, professor, historian, critic, musician, artist, author, politician, a personality, a corporation, an Event.

These narratives are also known as Psychological Operations – Psy Ops. Many of these operations are hoaxed events. They are Projects designed to manipulate your perception of reality. A hoaxed event is just as effective as a real one. As you will see this is a grand play on your imagination and a devious exploit on the power of human imagination.

Who are the perpetrators running these operations? They are Families of wealth. When I refer to ‘they’ I am referring to the Families and their countless Intelligence Operations. Many of these projects are claimed to have an end date. This is misdirection, they have simply gone underground with new names and directives.

I will stay clear of ufology here, i.e. reptilian overlords and greys, as this has proven to be yet another operation riddled with deceit and clever manipulations (interesting field for research nonetheless). Here I focus on the human equation; the Families on the front line and the spooks hidden in the shadows. Add to this the millions of delusional human animals in cahoots, knowingly and unknowingly, doing the Families grunt work for a paycheck.

The Families: children, parents, grandparents, all the way down the line, can be identified through genealogy records dating back to the Peerage. This genealogy research is a key factor in understanding who is doing what and more importantly why. Their wealth is directly linked to old bloodlines represented in the peerage as well as newer bloodlines relating to wealthy industrialists dating back to mid 1700’s. It appears these newer bloodlines are almost entirely Jewish. Oy vei ! You don’t say ? Abraham would be so proud to see his Family multiply. This conclusion is based on their genealogy, family names, and alteration of names. For example, Donald Trumps grandfather was a Drumpf and is a Jewish name. Keep in mind, Trump is a NY insider pretending to be an outsider. It’s impossible to amass his wealth and real estate connections without having an inside track on how these deals are made vis-a-vis the Families. As you will see, these Families are the main drivers of all modern intelligence psy-ops. They are also known as crypto-jews; hiding their lineages behind a maze of lies.

These Families have had extraordinary influence in our age: Rockefeller, Rothschild, Stanley, Phillips, Spencer, Stewart, Cromwell, Churchill, Grey, Montagu, King, Windsor, Schiff, Vanderbuilt, Russell, Morgan, Myer, Rhodes, Milner, Bennett, Putnam, Bush…

They control all, emphasis on ALL government intelligence operations. They direct and lead most TLA operations and institutions. They control all cartels: banking, medical, media, education, energy, military and government. All social systems are effectively channeled into their freakish house of mirrors and the Families control all entrances and exits. They have gatekeepers in place at all levels. Greed, Control and Power rule the day.

This expose is aimed at simplifying the process of research. Let’s unplug the fog machine. Eventually as you apply this method over time you may grow weary of these dreary schemes and lose interest altogether. Frankly, this is where I find myself on this fine summer day in 2018. In truth, I could barely muster the attention to finish this piece. While I haven’t completely lost interest, I have a more cursory approach these days with quick and fluid research. I do take pleasure in red-pilling the reader. If they can handle the awakening implied here with this blueprint, then I would hope they can also step back with this knowledge, take it on-board, and move into a more informed and creative reality.

Explore this blueprint with eyes open, with an open mind. This is one of the greater lessons to be learned relating to human social systems. Can a human social construct be any more deviant than witnessed here? Read on… then, if you have the stomach for it, research the subject of Ritual Abuse, then look up Jewish Ritual Murder. In many of these twisted Families ritual abuse is used to control their spawn as well as the countless minions at their disposal.

Be warned, you may lose some heroes. They were either born into these Families or agreed to do their bidding. It takes courage to be open and awake.

Revelation of The Mathis Method

Search for red flags. When you have identified a few red flags, you’re done. It’s that simple. Who is Mathis? Miles Mathis developed this approach. His papers are linked below. He looks at the players and events from unique angles. Study his methods. Genius.

There are a few ongoing key projects that are in play now. These are what I call inversion projects. These projects are designed to confuse the human animal and invert reality with their favorite formula = deception / division / domination.

These projects are well known in the truther community: 9-11, climate change, operation chaos, propaganda via media, school shootings, war on terror, commercialism, transgenderism, trans-humanism, political correctness, crypto currencies, immigration conflicts, vaccines, gun control, Democrats vs Republicans etc.

Red flags are warning signals that the actors are involved in a spook project. The speed in which you can identify red flags will depend on your capacity to do quick research. Once you have explored a few projects, you can get research done in the 5-10 minute mark. In time you’ll realize what a waste of precious energy it is to follow these rabbi holes and you’ll seek your exit with a conclusive realization: All of these projects are grandiose acts of pathological pretending.

Until then, I encourage this strategy because you will be wiser from the experience. You will bare witness to deceptions in real time. You will unwind them with clarity, and you will know when you are being played for a sucker. Compare this with someone who does very little, if any, research and lives in a programmed reality based on lies: they vote for Bernie Sanders and cheerfully support fascism, whups, socialism. Or they love Donald Trump because he’ll Make America Great Again! Ignorance is not bliss, it’s the act of ignoring evidence. Wisdom is bliss. It’s a ruthless Kaliesque bliss. It’s a release from pretending.

The Wiki Mandarines

Wikipedia is your ally. Wiki is a pretend authority site. It’s also a source for false narratives. Use wiki to identify the actors and their associates. Identify their associates in business and universities, look for military records, look for numerology – 33, 47, 26, 27, 44, 8 and inversions 47 – 74. If they have an extensive wiki page, you can safely bet they have support from intelligence. The Intelligence apparatus uses it to clue insiders of a project, to misdirect, and to mock their readers.

Question everything. Ask questions from different angles. Look for spook markers found in their bio’s, genealogy, and their work history. Question the narrative in their wiki profile. What schools did they attend? Is there a military connection anywhere? Who have they worked for in the past? Who are they associated with? Any institutional associations? How about think tanks? Identify spouses, names etc, much can be revealed in a name and its lineage. Step back and detach from these narratives, look for absurd claims, impossible timelines, and dates that don’t match up.

Look at the numerology, dates, years and so forth. 1947 (47) is used often, 33 is a favorite, so is 8. Age 26 he died… happens all the time with young musicians. These numbers are call signs to other spooks. You will also begin to notice them in each of their publications, news stories, etc. 1947 is when the CIA began operations. 33 is connected to 33rd degree freemasonry and linked to the occult. Occult = “knowledge of the hidden” is the study of supernatural phenomena. Occultism generally implies the study of the dark arts. However, 33 is a master number and used in the lighter arts = 3×3 is 9 and TRI magic is utilized in many ways through symbolism, gridwork, and manifesting (Sri Yantra diagram is one potent example). As usual, the spooks are attempting to hijack certain symbols. They invert reality.

Look for fake photos – recognize how these operations manipulate images to support a false narrative. The evidence revealed in the doctored imagery is mind boggling. This aspect of the research validates this blueprint in ways that words cannot. One faux image can effectively destroy an entire hoaxed operation.

Look for the military connection in any event, especially shooting events. Proximity to a military base? Were there preliminary drills prior to the event? Are the actors linked to the military in any way? The Families have numerous feeder schools. These are spook recruiting schools. Some schools are feeders for military operations, science projects, political projects, theater based projects and so on. They’re all over the country. Note the presence of military in many of the school shootings. Fact: a high percentage of these young school shooters come from military families. They are usually on psychotropic meds and highly unstable. Research: MK Ultra. Fact #2: Nearly all of these school shootings were elaborate hoaxes. Certain Families excel in the production of elaborate hoaxes.

Universities play a key role in controlling information. Here’s a short list of spook recruitment schools: Stanford (looks like they pulled there CIA recruitment page, hover over the link and see where it went), Texas A&M, Cornell, Cal Poly, Columbia, Berkeley, Harvard, U Penn, Georgetown, Wharton, U Chicago, UCLA, Michigan State, U Mass, Yale, Princeton, Washington State, Virginia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, U Colorado, George Washington University of Law in DC, U Mcgill (Canada), and in the UK there is Cambridge, Oxford and Trinity and more throughout Europe serving these Families.

Be aware of agendas from Institutes, think tanks, and private hedge funds. Blackrock and Vanguard are massive private hedge funds run by the Families. They are also majority shareholders in the corporations that dominate all of these social systems.

Genealogy research can be revealing on many levels. It’s not necessary with this light and fast method of identifying red flags. But it helps the researcher to be aware of these Family lineages through the referenced papers linked below. It’s a surprisingly small group of ultra-rich elitist psychopaths.   

In order to thoroughly understand the method I describe you will need to devote a couple weeks of research on the reference links below. You need to go at least 10 papers deep to begin connecting the dots and developing your perception here. There are side effects to watch out for: disbelief, shock, depression… This is natural. It will pass.  

In conclusion, I use some or all of these queries to help decipher a source of information, a website, media group, personality, corporation, institution. In the end, very few survive the final rub. I’ve lost many of my trusted sources. That’s ok. Wisdom rules the day. And now I take great pleasure in wrapping this up. I’ve been an active researcher in the truther community for 18 years, long enough to be diverted down countless dead end paths. I’ve explored all the major false flag events since 9/11. I’ve been directed and misdirected. I’ve been hoaxed. I’ve explored the brave historical revisionists as they carefully unravel the deceptions of WW I and II. I’ve examined the sketchy holocaust narrative and I’ve delved into the madness of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. I’ve created detailed profiles on the most egregious predators in Banking and Big Pharma. I’ve done enough research in this field. Now it’s time to glide along the surface, observing events from a distance, free of entanglements.

A big heartfelt Thank You  to Miles Mathis, thank you for your authenticity. You often mention the muses in your work. The muses are awakeners, teachers and some choose the guise of antimodels: ferocious destroyers of ignorance. They do whatever is necessary to awaken their devotees. And some way somehow you have received their blessings. 

The human Matrix is frenetic, neurotic, and full of fear and pain, that is it’s control mechanism. To spin away and be different and eventually escape, you have to be centered and develop a deep calm.

UPDATE: Look at these two ‘activists’, they are controlled opposition. They have support from the Families, and in turn, they have support from Wiki, note their extensive wiki profiles. Use them as a case study after you read this essay and some of Miles work linked below. They are well known in the alternative news media: Tommy Robinson and Ezra Levant.

Evidence of the Method.

Learn it from those who taught me. While I stand by my conclusions stated above,  I question all of the content referenced below. I do not always agree with circumstantial findings and assumptions. Regardless, the supporting evidence for this blueprint is overwhelming. Always use discernment and critical thinking in your research. Question everything.

Start with the first two papers, if you’re not hooked by these… then move on. Or begin by exploring another readers exceptional take on Miles’ work by reading: The Last Curtain: How Miles Mathis Destroyed (and Gave Me Back) My Life.


Miles Mathis – updates (new papers released here – updates link)

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