Journey to a Far Away Land

Guest Post by: Stuart Wilde – Traveling beyond Shadow and into the Celestial.

I went on a journey for three and half years through the Morph* to a far away land, beyond the human shadow to a Mirror World and dimensions beyond. At times, I lay on a bed in trance twenty hours a day. A quirky thing happens while you watch those worlds, you find yourself watching on the one hand and you are in them at the same time. If you are watching something beautiful, it feels like bliss here in 3-D, if you are viewing some terrible ghoul world, it feels like hell here.

The other strange thing we discovered was that you can watch those worlds with your eyes open or shut. Humans have two sets of eyes. There is a set of morphic eyes that hover in front of your eyelids when your eyes are shut. In a darken room you can see those extra morph eyes overlaid over a person’s real eyes real well, once you know what to look for. The presence of that extra set of eyes is terribly mysterious; it invokes awe. You realize there are at least two of you, one physical human and one morphic, etheric human. The morphic eyes are how we came to explain that we could see with our eyes shut. For now we can’t see real well with the morph eyes, for example I can’t read a paper with them, but you can see your hand moving in front of your face and you can count how may fingers you have up, say. Being able to see with your regular eyes shut was an extraordinary discovery for me.

Sometimes when I am in trance on a bed say, a morph doorway appears just hovering in the room, nearby. If you ever see that, know that you move through it using your feelings to propel you along. If you try to get up and actually walk through the door physically, it retreats from you and melts back into another dimension through the wall. But using your feelings you can travel through the doorway without leaving the bed.

Some of those inner worlds cannot be described in words. They are a far away land beyond anywhere that has been documented or described. They consist of surreal planes of existence; bizarre worlds of unusual angles and directions in hyperspace that don’t follow our up-down, left-right, way of thinking. Then there are beautiful, fractal, digital worlds, like complicated geometric paintings that move very fast. Then parts of the Mirror World are dark and foreboding. They are a reflection of the deepest recesses of the mind of man, the beauty and the ugliness. It is all an enormous mystery yet to be unraveled, one that will eventually explain the nature of this circuitous human journey. Who are we? And why do we find ourselves spinning in the cold emptiness of the vastness of space, as we do?

There’s a lot of evil in this world and what we saw was that it is empowered and sustained from deep within the shadow part of the Mirror Worlds. The controllers of this planet have other transdimensional controllers deep within that control and manipulate them without their realizing it. It’s bloody weird and utterly spooky—puppets on a string. Mister Nice Guy on the telly explaining the new regulations has in fact been abducted from within without ever knowing it. He thinks his thoughts are his own—silly. He lost his soul in the dead of night without realizing it. His destiny now is to belong as a slave to a dark power in the Second World. When he dies they will take him as theirs. There are endless levels of evil in the Mirror World, stacked like layers of a sponge cake.

Understanding this, we came to see the psychopaths and warmongers that run that world are to be considered normal, one expects them, but what isn’t so obvious is the silent pain of humanity. I always feel so terribly sorry for people’s pain. I know it’s their karmic lesson but one still hopes and prays they will be released of it. You can see it easily in the Mirror World. There is a ring of energy, a field that is very close to us that you have to traverse within minutes of first going into a Morph trance. It’s a band of discarnate entities that whiz past you as you cross their domain; we call them “flashy faces”. They look angry and disturbed. Their pain is etched on their souls with an intensity that seems excruciating.

It is all very disconcerting; going past them feels heavy like wading through a muddy bog. Luckily it only takes about a minute or two to get through. This area of earthbound spirits where the flashy faces are, greatly influence the show down here. They have enormous power to infect the human mind. Being in pain themselves they push the psychological triggers that cause pain in others. They are an infection of evil; they like it that way.

But there are lots of beautiful people here on earth pushing in the opposite direction so that’s a saving grace, but it is always a tussle. That is why our human moods shift up and down so quickly, often without reason. You must never be hard on yourself; we are not on a level playing field, there are forces stacked against us. That is our karma for now.

But if we want to fix the world we will have to heal its pain. That is easier said than done. People can’t easily escape their pain because they can’t remember who they are and where they are from. All recall of the celestial has fallen from them, like a precious jewel that slipped from their pocket to sink into a swamp.

Because they can’t remember, they deteriorate to become as zombies, performing the same acts day-by-day, over and over, saying the same things, platitudes, clichés, believing the same stuff. Repetition is a mouse wheel for you to trot along. It’s how the ghouls begin to trick you into losing the power of your will to become their prisoner. The repetitive mind is a programmed one.

In the emptiness of that people wander about aimlessly, hoping for something. Often they don’t really know what it is that they hope for. They seek to be risen up. The disappointment of that and their unresolved pain crackles them in the end. Just as over-head electric lines crackle and spit as power surges through them. The pain and the forgetting bends people out of shape psychologically and spiritually.

The problem is there is probably not enough healing energy and love to redeem them all. Rescuing people seems such a thankless task, there aren’t many humans or spirits that will take it on, so humanity falls ever lower and lower. That is why it is very hard to get people out of their pain, as metaphysically and psychologically they are perpetually falling away from you down a deep hole. If you go too far after them you fall yourself.

I’ve hoped to write books and articles to give people a bit of inspiration but I didn’t really know what to do about the global pain. I always felt sorry for it. Thinking it could be healed was just the little boy in me trying to be grand; pretending I might be able to change things for the better. One can never know if one has made a difference or not. At best, all we can do is fix it for a few people.

You go into those other worlds as a highly evolved being and you come out very humble, knowing that you know nothing. But what I do know is that we are all badgers, black and white. To that end, I came to see that the final part of our spiritual journey is redemption. To redeem yourself from your darkness is to leave the collective pain of humanity and to remember who you are and where you are from.

As humans we come from a glorious place, a pain-free zone of pure bliss, and we are also connected holographically to memory banks that stretch sideways beyond this universe into a multidimensional reality that clicks away from us, each reality seems like a flat sheet, stacked like pieces of toast in toast rack. How far those realities go I can’t say. But we belong in there not out here in 3-D.

Once you have done whatever your ego needs to do in this life to keep itself happy, then you can choose to leave (not by dying) but by walking away from the pain of men and women into the arms of the celestial.

The more you embrace a celestial reality in your mind the quicker those sentiments flow into your soul; you begin the long process of remembering. The journey to a far away land will be your triumph as a human. It is part of the romance of your evolution, your final destiny—the gift of the spiritual seeker.

Stuart Wilde:

* The Morph is an ambience that descends into a room changing the atmosphere, it looks like dry, swirling rain and it moves at great speed. There are vortexes in it that are constantly changing shape, sparking and flashing as they dart about.

The Morph acts as a lens. Through it, in a trance state, you can watch a Mirror World that is opposite to us. Strangely, as you are watching that inner world in your mind’s eye say, part of you is in there at the same time. We are all transdimensional spiritual beings. We are here as humans in 3-D but we are in the other worlds in an etheric form at the same time.

Once people discover that for themselves they will see that they straddle a vast panorama, like the Colossus of Rhodes.