Author: Larry Shine (LS). Few people are aware of Larry Shines work. In brief, he was a seeker, who became an adept of the mysteries, who eventually became a fully realized Master. Learn more about Shines remarkable achievements here. Below is an excerpt from his book on Balance and Symmetry using the Universal Tree of Life.

Chapter 1

Years ago I found symmetrical patterns that gave me health and a relative knowledge of all things in heaven and earth.

I will pass these on to you without dogma, without retaining any of the keys. Whether you are good or bad it does not matter; because if one goes into the working principles of these patterns and does the required work within his own body; if he is a fool when he starts, he will come out a sage.

These patterns explore the hidden potentials of the body. All things are within the body including all the experience of vegetation, animals, mankind; of all the civilizations of the earth; of all the planets and suns in the universe since the universe was formed. This is only a small part of the potential that is concealed within you.

Watch for repetitions of some things in different ways for they are the important things to know. Any criticism of individuals or groups is to point out weaknesses so you may see whether they are desirable to you.

Trial and error will not explore the body and mind. It takes certain disciplines and definite symmetrical patterns . Do not believe anything until you prove it to yourself.

I give you reasons why you are to do these explorations and tell you of the results you are to expect. If these rules are followed, you will be at peace with yourself and all people. You will be in command of the situations that confront you. You will not be nervous, excited, or have complexes. Your words will be powerful and balanced; and in any phase of endeavor in which you might be, you will be an asset. You will have love and respect. You will have a strong body and a strong mind, and the quality of your personality will be such that people will want to know you. This and much more is accomplished by knowing yourself through the alchemical art of exploration, activating the centers of the body, and following symmetrical patterns.

Do not use these exercises until you have read the book. No one thing will make the body symmetrical or correct over-activated faculties. All rules must be obeyed relatively. Use any exercise cautiously and in moderation because you can overdo any exercise. All exercises are dangerous to some people. If there is anything wrong with you, get the advice of your doctor, psychiatrist, or healer before doing these exercises.

Intellectually this book will do you no good; but within the words and in the symmetrical patterns is a peculiar science that brings forth a strange work within the body. You can only know the hidden wonders of all creation through exploring yourself.

This book is written expressly for teachers, practitioners, ministers, and those who are advanced in the arts of alchemy, astrology, and symbolism. It is written also for those who have made an extensive study of the mind and its relation to the functions of the body. Anyone without a background of experience in the above subjects should go to a reliable teacher in this field.

This exercise marks the opening of a new pattern. These patterns explore the hidden potentials of the body. All things are within the body including all the experience of vegetation, animals, mankind; of all the civilizations of the earth; of all the planets and suns in the universe, since the universe was formed. This is only a small part of the potential that is concealed within you.

This exercise is simple yet becomes complex.  It grows the way a tree grows, giving many manifestations, expanding the consciousness into a great sphere.

Mental and physical health depend on breathing, thinking, resting and eating done moderately, constructively, and scientifically. This pattern of breathing is the Tree. The tree establishes ten cardinal centers in the body, connecting them by 22 channels. These centers are located in the center of the head, the two shoulders, liver and spleen, two hips, feet, generative, and navel. These centers are situated well toward the back in the body. The principle is to activate these centers evenly, scientifically, and in balance.

The channels connecting these centers are just as important as the centers. These lines of forces are set more toward the spine, past the center of the body. The channels are built alchemically as hollow tubes about one-half inch in diameter.

ED Note: As you can see from the diagram I have generated below, the main central column is larger. It is in fact composed of five channels, two smaller channels in front, two in back and a central channel. These will be addressed below in an update. The faculty of imagination plays an important role here. All exercises require visualization.

These exercises are potent. Explore them, weigh their results, set them on the shelf if the results are not what you want — because your pattern likely will be changed by them. If you are satisfied in your pattern, do not use them.

The following exercise will give you a knowledge of alchemy and the many potentials that can be derived from it.

When you place your consciousness in a given place and breathe, the substance that is in the breath activates that particular place. For instance, think of one of your fingers and breathe deeply and see if you feel a tingling sensation. We work the same way in activating this tree.

To begin, go into your left shoulder with your consciousness and stay there during a period of six complete inhalations and exhalations; then follow the regular channel to the navel and breathe six times; then follow the regular channel to the right shoulder and hold your consciousness there and breathe six breaths; then back to the navel for six breaths; then to the spleen for six breaths; then to the navel for six breaths; then to the right hip for six breaths; then to the navel for six breaths; then to the left hip for six breaths; then back to the navel for six breaths; then to the generative (groin) for six breaths; back to the navel for six breaths; then to the center of the head for six breaths; back to the navel for six breaths – always following the regular channels.

A person should always end this exercise at the navel. We build the navel center ten times greater than any other center because your strength lies in this center. The navel center controls the subconscious and opens a greater manifestation of mind than the brainpan or conscious mind. The glandular system is interdependent on the navel center.

These processes are the alchemical means of transmuting the cellular structure of the body. They open circulation and the potentials of the body, strengthening the balancing system. Each gland operating perfectly will redistribute weight, taking off where needed and putting on where needed, making a symmetrical body with correct measurements.

The above exercise takes about ten minutes when you get used to it, as you breathe about twelve times a minute. I advise doing this exercise at home in a relaxed position; reclining preferably, with your spine straight, chin up, in as near perfect poise as you know, without tensing any part of the body. This is a way of rebuilding and strengthening the interiors of the body with breathing. Dynamic tension, weight lifting and physical exercises depend on the breath. The same principle is used inside by tensing the part where you want the breath to go. Prana, the subtle force that is extracted out of a breath of air, is sent to each part of the body that is tensed or activated. For example, when you walk, the strength in the breath goes to your legs. When using your hands, it goes to your hands. Your breathing is by far the most important thing you do. Breathing controls the blood stream and suspended animation.

The lungs help pump the blood. As you exhale, a vacuum is created and the heart lets the proper amount of blood into the lungs. As you inhale the blood is oxidized and forced through the thousands of miles of channels to reach each cell. The amount of blood that the lungs oxidize, the liver filters, and that goes through the heart, is about twelve tons in twenty-four hours. The breathing eliminates more poisons from the body than other eliminations.

There are many cells dying and being replaced each minute. The body is dependent on good circulation to carry off the dead cells, otherwise they choke circulation. Nothing can do as much for circulation as proper breathing. To breathe properly you start by filling the lungs, then the abdomen. This is the proper way to breathe – do not bypass the lungs; fill the lungs to capacity, inhaling deeply fill the stomach, then pull in and up on the stomach while still inhaling, when you have pulled in and up as far as you can without straining, let the breath out slowly.

This three-way breath exercise should be done a few times a day as it exercises the liver, kidney, and stomach muscles. Breathing should be done in moderation and one should inhale slowly and exhale slowly; otherwise many cells are destroyed unnecessarily.

Ed Note: This master exercise above is known as Breathing Life Into The Tree. It is one facet of building the foundation or roots of the tree. There are two more facets in the form of exercises yet to be revealed in a future update on this page. Practice this exercise daily and you will begin an alchemical process within that unlocks hidden potentials and introduces proper balance and symmetry into the bodymind.

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