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She has assumed a serious mood and is maddened with intoxication. Her brilliance reflects the golden hue of her body. On her forehead is the crescent moon, which is yellow in color. Idris (bagalamukhi) is strongly associated with supernatural or magical powers, with the ability to immobilize and attract others. In one myth she is […]

She is enlightened spontaneity in female form, A supremely blissful divine yogini. She is the mansion of enlightened awareness. Possessor of the five Buddha-Wisdoms… She is pure, universal awareness, The sovereign of the mandala. She is Nairatmya Yogini, The essence of ultimate reality. She is subtle and spacious and vast as the sky. Her body […]

In the beginning the Sun, Surya, appeared in the heavens. Sages offered soma so that the world might be created. The sun then created the three worlds. Shodashi was shakti through whom created them. Having created the worlds by empowering the sun, Shodashi took appropriate form to direct the triple world. In this form she […]

Her dancing, leaping, and soaring poses proclaim that she is fully alive and joyously free. She displays Buddhahood in female form and revels in the ultimacy of her attainments. Her glowing red body is ablaze with the heat of yogic fire and circled with flames of wisdom. Tantra Mother (Vajrayogini) never parts from her brimming […]

She who is fierce in the three worlds: heavens, atmosphere and earth. Her primary role in the cosmic process is destruction. She has a luminous complexion like a thousand rising suns. She has three eyes and is lovely in her various ornaments. She is the destroyer of enemies. She wears a garland of freshly severed […]

Mirita (Chinnamasta) conveys the idea of reality in the contrast of sex and death, creation and destruction, giving and taking. She is probably the most stunning representation in the Hindu pantheon of the truth that life, sex, and death are part of an interdependent, unified system. (Kinsley) Mirita is one of the ten Mahavidyas. The […]

Tantra Mother: Her dance is total freedom. The style of her instruction swift and ruthless, almost rapacious in how she clears away illusion and single self fixations. She releases mind and emotions in astounding moments of total freedom. JLL She is imbued with a mixture of wrath and passion, in the fullness of bliss, laughing […]

Sacred healing mantra from Stuart Wilde. The more celestial images you keep in your mind the safer you become. Play it twice a day, play it just before bed and the sacred sound will help protect you at night when you are vulnerable to dark influences. Or, play it first thing in the morning as […]

Avalon protection prayer – it calls you into a dimension of Gaia and the nature spirits, and it takes you to the lake of Avalon, which is a real place here on earth; the haunting sounds create a celestial canopy of protection for you. If you play it every day as a meditation, the power […]

Solfeggio frequencies make up the ancient 6-tone scale thought to have been used in sacred music, including the beautiful and well known Gregorian Chants. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony. Each Solfeggio tone is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep […]