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Supernatural Interactions with Shakti Devatas

A collection of journal entries dating back circa 2014. All artwork is generated by the midjourney art engine.

Welcome. Explore this page for insights on the shakti cluster. Many of the devatas have made appearances for healing sessions. There appears to be an agreement of sorts, between myself and the shaktis, and I welcome their involvement with deep gratitude. It’s a humbling honor to be involved with these wisdom teachers.

The left sidebar has links to all journal entries and topics. I may button up some details with chronology and insert new topics as they arise. I have notes scattered in a few places and these need to be reviewed.

Let it be noted, if I can make these profound connections to the Devis, you can too. I’ll explain how in the commentary on this page.   

I’ll start from the beginning . . .  

Kamala Sri Laksmi

My first exposure to the Devatas was during a group meditation. They appeared to one of the guests in the group, her name is Lisa, and she described what she witnessed. She was confused by their appearance. Why were they there?

I knew exactly who they were and was surprised and delighted. I recall trying to explain to her, and the meditation group, the auspicious nature of being visited by four 12′ tall goddesses standing in the middle of the room back to back. But they politely shrugged it off, and dropped the subject, as if it happens every day.

By this time, I had been studying JLLs work with the Devatas for two years. In another four years I would have a profound kundalini awakening. It was a shaktipat transmission from an awakened teacher (DS), and one of the Shakti’s was present. In fact, later on, DS confirmed this was a direct transmission from the Mother. I will expand on this event in a future post, as well as insights on DS.

This would give me greater access to the Shakti Devis and the ability to channel / transmit shakti during healing sessions. 

Not long after this I was invited to participate in a group healing for a cancer patient. They appeared for this session and participated in clearing energies and repairing broken light-codes (more on this later). This was the beginning of extensive energy healing work with the Devatas.

We worked on this man a number of times, maybe 8 sessions. There were four of us around the table with clear intent to shrink and dissolve all cancer tumors. By the end of treatments, approximately 6 months, evidence of all cancer was removed. He was cancer free, and as usual with western medical doctors, they were shocked and said ‘whatever you’re doing, keep doing it’. All imaging tests were conclusive and clear proof tumors where shrinking, then gone. 

As well, this was stage 4 cancer and doctors pushed for chemo and were refused. He did numerous other alternative treatments such as consuming powerful teas, acupuncture and dietary changes. 

This man passed away a few years later from heart failure. We did connect reasons why he had cancer and it appeared to be linked to emotional distress in the workplace. He was a good man and had to fire many people at his company due to changes in the economy. 

I will also add, this patient took a proactive approach and had the ideal mindset to participate in his healing. He was open minded, took responsibility for his condition and did the recommended actions to create an optimal environment for healing. 

Meditation with the Shakti Diagram - Pt1

As I gaze at the diagram, each Devi is acknowledged with reverence and a few minutes of time is devoted to each. I call them in turn; om na ma kali ma 3x and so forth. It is done with pleasure and imagination.

I have included an invocation for the Devi at the bottom of their respective pages. It works for me.

Aside from meditation, each Devi is studied and explored in greater detail, this develops intimacy, and in turn, evolves into a natural form of devotion. 

This devotional aspect is vital.

“Devotion is the doorway to the opened heart. This heart center is not just the heart chakra. It is the entire center of gravitational feeling that pulls one ever deeply inside of oneself.” (DS)

As I practice this technique, I can feel a deeper connection with the Devi’s. It is my understanding they operate mainly through clairaudiance – which is to hear outside the normal parameters of human hearing.

In my experience it is usually a feeling. It is clairsentient, or sometimes it is visual as they appear in the minds eye. 

When I first started practicing this shakti diagram meditation, Mirita nudged me, ‘share this technique with others, no holding back‘. Mirita issued the command firmly with kindness and love. 

Vajrayogini in Silver

On one occasion during a shakti diagram meditation Vajrayogini appeared. She was cat-walking down a runway like a glamorous model dressed in a futuristic silver outfit. Her skin was a radiant silver, she had a serious tone. This was a jaw dropping moment. I was speechless.

When a Dakini appears there will be a transmission of some type. This may appear as an energized download through the crown or the heart chakra. The instruction may be a direct allegorical message. They have shared three such messages with me this way. It can also be information for a later date, to be deciphered in the future.  

In one session Vajrayogini gave us an instruction: think Now and Not Now, instead of good and bad

Command Wisely

The Devi’s highest desire is that we command them (JLL).

Do this with devotional reverence. She knows our pretenses, our level of sincerity, and our shadow aspects. Command wisely.

When I first heard this instruction from JLL, I was intrigued. In meditation I would consider this carefully: How does this appear to the Devatas, when we command? 

Update: On command, I don’t advise attempting to command Kali, she has clearly stated as much, in session. For obvious reasons?   

Kali Ma Makes a Dramatic Appearance

Year 2014 – Kali Ma soon appeared after a potent invocation. I was at a lake high up in the mountains, I sang and chanted her name as I drummed with passion. 

Little did I know, at the time, that I would embrace shamanic drumming, and eventually build a giant pow wow drum for future ceremonies and sound healing meditations. Kali and the Devi’s love to dance. Over the years, many ancient rhythms have been spontaneously channeled for their pleasure. 

We’ve seen Kali spinning like a vortex directly above the drum several times during meditations. 

They do healing work through the drum, and the entire pantheon of Shakti Devis (in the Shakti Cluster) have been witnessed, by many people, at some time or another in sessions. And on three unique occasions, all have appeared simultaneously. These events will be detailed here below.    

Kali first appeared in a group meditation with three other deities. They were three Mahavidyas and one Dakini standing in a back to back formation in the center of the room. There was Kali in vibrant blue, Shodashi in white/gold, Bagala in yellow gold, and Kurukulla in vibrant red.

In height, they were estimated at over 12’ tall. They did not speak and radiated a gentle shakti energy into the room. The ceiling in the room was high and vaulted and easily accommodated their majestic size. Some were dressed in sensual attire and emoted a spicy vibe. They can morph into vortices of swirling energy, as myself and others have seen.

In this group meditation I drummed for the group. I was experimenting with a technique to facilitate quicker access to silence. It works by using rapid beats, at the Theta range of 240 beats per minute. Theta beats force the mind to go quiet and when the drumming ends (after at least 5min of drumming), the silence can hold for another 30 min. The group loved it and we continued the practice.

The drum is Earth bound. The beats address the lower three chakras and assist to remove stagnant energies found there. In the stillness shakti plays. This is a Mantra.   

In this meditation session the Devis simply showed themselves. There was one witness with third-eye open. I did not ‘see’ this appearance, but would later have other such experiences. After this account was described, I sat with awe and began to reflect in earnest how this could be and what was coming next?

Backstory on the BraveWorld Site and the Shakti Diagram

I’ll share a brief background story on why I built this site and why the Devatas are a big part of my life. My interest in the deities was non existent until I discovered John Lash’s work (JLL). My first encounter was through the GNE, and he was about half way into a three year experiment that he dubbed the Gaian Navigation Experiment.

It was clear to me that he was accessing some deep intel on dakini wisdom because his explanations on the subject were precise, lucid and coherent. He was, and still is, in the zone. This three year period was known as Sophia’s Correction.

During this period, he published an image of the Shakti Cluster Diagram. I was captivated by the symbol more than I should have been, it was blazing right through me. Why I wondered? It was a hand drawn image at the time. I wanted to digitize it and turn it into a graphic icon. I reached out to him, and offered to do it gratis.

JLL didn’t respond at first, so I waited. His lectures and writing were taking me into some deep waters. So I swam and floated in the dreaming attention of dakini magic. About a year later he replied and asked if I would do it. I said ‘yes’.

Then he methodically refined it into a precise diagram, everything was carefully calculated; the width and height specs were meaningful. The shape, the positioning of each Devata, the way they interact in the diagram. Many subtle teachings can be accessed from within this diagram.

I would say, without hesitation, this is likely the most potent diagram on the planet, that’s because it gives one interactive access with the planetary matrix, the Great Mother. There is one other symbol that can match the power of the Shakti Cluster Diagram, and that is the ancient Sri Yantra symbol. I have studied both in great detail.

I produced the video below so I could better understand the potent symbolism found in the Sri Yantra.

Devi Healing Sessions

At this point in time (entering into 2023) I have assisted with 100 + energy healing sessions over the past few years. I have developed a method that is fairly simple and straightforward. I channel the energies through my heart and crown chakra and the chakras in my hands.

I use a hands-off approach for most of the session. The closest technique I’ve seen that compares is the Quantum Healing method, although I have never taken any course. I have Reiki Master certification and Theta I, and II certifications. I prefer working with Shakti.

The Shakti energy comes from an external source, above, and flows through my energy field, then, into the patient. I remain in a state of stillness and the shakti goes where it needs to go. 

The key, for me, is to stay out of the way. No mind. No specialness. No ego claiming to be the healer. Be empty and leave no trace. It all happens very fast, 15 minutes is enough time to do the heavy work. Then shakti intensifies to flood the bodies (physical, emotional, etheric) with the divine feminine bliss that is the signature of shakti. 

Early on, I was told five sessions is usually enough to make most adjustments. Each session builds on the previous session. Energies can be intense, and this is why sessions are segmented. I also receive treatments during sessions. 

The intensity of the experience for the recipient varies: can they handle higher frequencies? Maybe they fall asleep. Are they loaded up with heavy emotional debris? Have they done any therapies or inner shadow work? Maybe they have had a kundalini awakening and they need to reignite that opening? 

There is a systematic approach that I have witnessed over and over. Before I share this, you may be wondering, who is doing the healing work?

There are typically three Devatas present (more details in future posts), and usually another being, L. Shine, who specializes in advanced healing techniques, using light, has agreed to participate.

Each case is different and may require specialized attention. L. Shine is no longer on this dense plane. He achieved full realization in his last lifetime and crossed-over a few decades ago. At this time, he is operating as a force of light and beyond identification with gender. How Shine is involved and why will be revealed in another post.

Generally when I do any energy work Shine is present and capable of bringing in specialists who have agreed to do this work with us.

And yes, I get it, some of this sounds like new age nonsense. I wouldn’t blame you for bouncing right on out of here… if it’s too much for you then move on. 

Journaling All Events

All events are journaled and dated. I’m not inclined to post any dates here, but I am keeping the narrative in sequential order as much as possible. 

This is subject to change as I proceed, specifically, the order of posts may get switched around as I assemble the log over time. I am doing rough drafts on these posts and recalling some sequences from memory. My notes were not all dated. 

The purpose of this log is to inspire others to take their own journey inward with the Great Mother and recognize she is in you and you are inhabiting a form generated by Her. You can have an interactive relationship with the planetary animal mother and her exquisite emanations taking anthropomorphic form as Devatas.

One final note regarding self-awareness on this topic, and this will be the last I speak of it: I am aware this work may appear as ‘fantastic imagination’, a term coined by Carl Jung. So be it. Read it with skepticism and doubt and humor. Don’t believe any of it without confirming it’s validity. Do so with your experience.     

Healing Deity Parnasha Joins Us

parnasha devi

Session at the mountains in California with Stephanie, female age 62.

This was the 2nd session with Steph and I am working solo. Our first session was with a group, as four of us worked on Steph (this was an experiment and one of our first sessions as a team, and the first time the devatas appeared in sessions). 

She is lying on a massage table and covered by a light blanket. I am seated in a chair at her head, purple energies are flowing into her field. There appears to be a further clearing of her entire chest and abdominal area. I sense an energetic presence, there’s a visceral image of scraping… scraping and tugging heavy black sludge from her belly, and pulling this dense energy out and away into a fire I have going. Eventually there’s a feeling of completion.

This was all connected with inner anger, and lots of it! We knew this going in…

Then, at the tail-end of the session, I feel the presence of shakti, a fine loving energy.

Steph: ” There was a deep purple coming in from my feet. I could see a female and she’s green, mossy dark green, earthy, jungle, a beautiful forest woman with long dark hair.”

She was looking down at her from her left side and she said to Steph: “You have been cooped up this winter, feeling locked in. Don’t worry spring is here soon.”

Steph: “She proceeded to till the earth in my belly preparing for the new energies of spring.

Her eye’s shone a vibrant fiery orange. Her color changed gradually to a mossy light green as she sowed her fields. She finished by flooding in a pink, gold, white energy. Her tone was kind and tender.”

I enjoyed this description of the healing deity: Parnasha Devi, aka Vudasi, aka SachaMama. And her playful expression. She knew Steph was enthusiastic about her new garden space and prepping for spring planting.

This would be one of the first emotional-body clearing sessions I would witness going forward. This is witnessed in the first session or two and prepares the energy body for higher frequencies.

Note: I wasn’t clear who the healing Devi was at the time. They don’t speak much, and they don’t do names. I would later learn who to invoke for healings and it varies from person to person. Example: there is a Devi on ‘shift’ during every lunar cycle. Your birth date indicates who was on shift for you and can become your guardian deity and knows you intimately.

This deity comes in during healing sessions. Mahavidya Kamala comes in for Scorpios and so on.

Kali in Eights Session

Kali begins to appear in healing sessions. I am teaming up with another energy worker who has a background in acupuncture. We are just beginning to work on patients who are open to this modality. 

The acupuncturist’s name is MS. She is in her 60’s and has access to vision – her third eye is open, which makes for interesting interactions with the Supernatural.

In this session, and most early sessions we are working on each other. We switch up, one lies on the massage table, the other sits in a chair at feet, then moves to the crown chakra.

As with all sessions, the energies come in immediately. Tingling currents of energy flowing in from above, through crown and heart centers. Visuals of gold colors, or purples or vibrant blues are the norm.

MS is on the table and I am at her head working through crown chakra and seated in a chair. I begin scanning her from head to toe, clearing any heavy energies out the feet. This pulsing goes faster, then becomes a blur, then a blissful mood settles in, I see many arms, in my minds eye, all around me. The arms and hands are performing work on MS’s auric field. It’s fast work and from my vantage point it appears that the auric field expands for the treatment. 

MS: Eight Devatas have come through into my field, they are observing and showing themselves.

Russell: I can feel an intoxicating sensation, and think ‘where are all these arms coming from? 

Keep in mind this is our first session and were surprised at the sudden appearance of eight Devatas, and who are they?  

I will add that during this session we invoked a former teacher, Stuart W. who had recently passed and crossed over. He came in instantly and shared some insights.

Insight:  your guides and these beings around you, working with you are not separate from you, that’s an illusion. You can become them through expansion, by morphing into them. This is a key. You are now straddling two worlds.

We had to end the session because meditation group was arriving. I will go into greater detail about what healing work is being accomplished, in future posts. 

During meditation with group that same evening, the blissful feeling continued. I feel more clearly now – a goddess has merged with me and she is blue, with wild long black hair. She has many arms. Who is this? Kali? She bares a ferocious appearance and hisses and snarls playfully. She’s intoxicating and she’s merged with me.

I had a clear visual of her arms as vortices reaching into 8 dimensions at once: sideways, up, down and corner to corner, then pulling them in to be accessed and observed. She is everywhere (humans can also access multiple dimensions in this same way, you bring those realms into your field and see what is shown.)

She is smiling and very much inside me throughout the meditation. I feel mildly drunk. Then she disappears after the meditation. Now I am smiling… and thinking, “uh oh, is this what I signed up for?”

Note: As I revisit this topic many years later, it was indeed Kali Ma. She goes easy on me at this time. And there have been numerous interactions with her as you will see . . .

Kali Returns for Another Session

Where to begin? Consider this day one of goddess instruction with Kali taking lead. Timing is about ten days from our previous 1st session with Kali.

MS is on the table, I’m standing at her feet and bringing in energy through her feet. It’s a purple light energy flowing from above me and through my crown chakra into body, upper torso and out through my  hands into her feet and through her whole body and out her crown chakra. The energy then creates a circuit and flows back to my crown, and continues this way for the session.

I already checked chakras for openness and size, all is well except for throat chakra, due to sore throat and symptoms of having a cold.

I move to crown chakra and have a seat. Scanning with proprioceptive awareness, I scan body from head to toe slowly, then faster, then energy becomes a solid blur, then locked in.

A couple of minutes to adjust. Then MS speaks: former teacher (Stuart W.) is here and resides in a higher frequency: welcome. He shares a few insights on current events and says to ‘align to the frequency of what you wish for, or need: Adventure, abundance, etc., they are all frequencies’ that you align too. 

MS: ‘the Devatas are here again, standing in a circle around us. Kali is about to come in through you now.’

Kali is in me, like an energetic overlay, intoxicating. Then she moves into MS’s field and works on her throat, clearing energies.

Kali: ‘I’m selective who I come into, rare, and not to be commanded. I’ll come in when the fit is right. Prefer rebels, like you two. You’re fun.

You can ask any of the Devis to enter your subject, and they will know who is better suited in each case. They will not enter if residence is too dark or unkind.’

To me, she says: you will be writing a book with specific instructions on how to work with the shakti’s. How others can learn to experience these Devi’s, just as you are doing now. ‘

Stuart chimes in: ‘You may think you have control of your path, but you really don’t at this stage. You’ve been selected. You are on a ride, an agreement. Very happy you two are claiming this for yourselves. I’ll help when I can. You’re officially dealing with the big guns now, impressive.’ 

Kali: ‘the spinning technique I have demonstrated is linked to bi-location, spinning in the center of your meditation group, then disappearing.’

She mentioned this because we had been obsessing over how to do this and also knew our former teacher (joining us in session) knew how, and was sharing techniques for practice. This would later be identified as using the light vehicle, or merkaba located in the heart chakra. More on this topic in this post below.

Her blue color is intense, like a marine blue. Kali retreats through MS’s crown, then settles into my body for a minute or two familiarizing me with her presence, and her multiple arms, and intoxicating power. She is an awesome force.

Kali: ‘You two need to relocate. Energies here are not conducive with what we’ll be doing together. Sedona will be better, easier to access higher frequencies.

All of this has a pleasure component. Maintain reverence at all times. You can access the same level of realization as David S., recall devotional aspects addressed in his book.

David S. is a unique case, I usually do not reside in someone for that long. There is more to his experience than you know. He’s a teacher, with more time spent in other worlds than this one. He’ll recognize my signature in both of you. He will acknowledge.’

Much discussion with MS afterwards, blown away with this development, we are excited, this is awesome. Thank you Kali Ma with greatest respect we are honored and acknowledge the gift of reverence toward you and the entire shakti cluster.

Further insights post session; seeing each dakini as a symbol, color, you will learn to identify, they will show you who is coming in with a symbol initially.

There will be a drum beat for each Devi, I anticipate learning their sound. I will learn how to proceed with offerings for each. The book will be created in pleasure, in beauty via Shodashi; guidance by command.

Update: In general, offerings are given with pleasure, flowers with appropriate colors, food, tea etc. JLL advises self-love as the greatest offering, and how can I disagree? He knows… 

As I document these journal posts here, consider these words as preview of a future book. This is why I write this now, at this time in April 2023. Onward!

Lotus Flowers are Chakras

Sessions continue about every few weeks. Generally we are doing work on each other in each session. Sessions last about an hour or two. The longer sessions were always instructional.

MS is at my crown, I am on massage table. She is seeing each chakra opening as a lotus flower at each level. The seven main chakras appear as lotus flowers. We later learn that these are gates, of which there are 7 gates stacked in each main chakra, with 49 gates, and many gates can be opened simultaneously without drudgery.

Then there are three more gates and these are rarely reached in a lifetime. I’ll expand on this in another post.

All gates must be opened and lessons learned. And beyond these 52 gates, there are more gates, perhaps meant for higher / faster dimensional experiences.

Kali and Shodashi are working on me simultaneously, They are attuning nervous system and doing intricate neurological work, all for preparation to work in faster frequencies.

[If I were to sum up what I know now: Any session work of this caliber is to prepare one for faster frequencies. It’s that simple].

We are starting to see a pattern in some of this work. For example, the circuit of energy created is always the same. And the expansion, or ability to expand anyone’s auric field and make adjustments is also the same. Like blowing up a balloon and stretching OUT for easier access.

The topic of charging money for services comes up. They said: ‘Exchange of energy, between practitioner and patient, in these healing sessions is natural. Understand this is not about money.’

In training other people; charging too much attracts greedy people. If you have financial independence, this is best. Keep it light and free if you are financially set. Eventually, with their guidance, I determined correct exchange rate for these healing sessions.

Kali: ‘you can channel Shodashi. She’s matching resonance with you. Frequencies are matched; like stone, wood, fire, you merge with frequency and expand into it. Practice familiarizing with frequencies.’

Shodashi and Kali display what ‘expansion’ looks like, and it’s looking like fireworks expanding into the night sky. Durga and Kali are now holding space, as if they are in a protective stance. I recall at this time, there was quite a bit of cloaking, and setting up wards when we did this work.

Shodashi’s signature is softness and grace.

MS: ‘Shodashi is exchanging info with Kali, codes, symbols, it’s all mathematical, and it’s beyond me.’

Kali: ‘you don’t need to know, advanced energy work, fine-tuning is Shodashi’s specialty.’

Now MS’s turn on the table.

Goddess Hebe and Shodashi are coming in, then Kali. As Kali merged with MS she showed her a new perspective. In matching MS’s frequency, Kali’s ferocious aspect softened, as she spun gracefully in MS’s central pillar (spinal path).

Kali: ‘I am matching your soul frequency.’

This is a profound and emotional moment for MS, a deep acknowledgement of soul beauty from Kali Ma. I saw this clearly as well. MS was shaken with gratitude.

Kali orchestrates as the other goddesses are emanations of her. Kali is leader and orchestrator.

All syntax expressed here is my own, and via MS’s filter too. Direct Kali syntax is more refined, no wasted words, embellishments, ramblings, ever.

Kali: ‘we are here for anyone who is calling, just summon with reverence.’

Interesting side note: The infamous leader of the Church of Satan, Anton Lavey, was instructed should Kali ever appear in your midst… run.

Note: Hebe appeared a few times in our earliest sessions, Hebe (Hi-Bi) is the goddess of youth or the prime of life. She was the cupbearer for the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus, serving their nectar and ambrosia. She also was worshipped as the goddess of forgiveness or mercy at Sicyon. She is the daughter of Zeus.

It was a curious moment when she first appeared, and she humorously suggested we ‘google’ her.

She appeared for MS and wanted to share some secrets about ‘charging’ water. I was never privy to that information and MS cherished the secrecy.

Kali is Spinning Again

Sessions continue every few weeks. We begin with a drumming meditation using the big drum. Kali enters MS at this time.

Then we move to the table. We traded sessions and I started with MS then she worked on me then former teacher comes in, everything is moving quickly.

Kali is spinning again, rotations, expanding from heart chakra and vertically at the middle pillar (spine).

Kali: ‘You’re learning fast. To live a long life is not necessary, 200-300 years in a body is long enough”

She was responding to my inquiry earlier: wouldn’t it be nice to live for 1000 years in great health and abundance?

Kali: ‘You can create what you desire, including ‘worlds.’ What makes you think you need a body? Expansion techniques show that other worlds are accessible, bring them to you.

I like you two, you’re fun. rebels, non-comformists’

Stuart, a former teacher and recently deceased, is along for the ride, observing from the backseat and available for inquiries. He has been sharing expansion exercises.

Kali: ‘my new disciples.’

She wants to show us other worlds, by teleporting. ‘Practice the techniques’, she says. More on this, look for post on multidimensional travel.

MS: ‘Sedona will be more suitable for living. More opportunity at every turn. Abilities to accelerate will be easier, velocity. Here in CA mountains it is heavier and weighted down, people mainly. Much more can be accomplished in faster places.’

This wasn’t so much a healing session, but appeared to be a teaching session, there were a few insights: I’ll meet a fun partner in Sedona.

We had agreed to make a move to Sedona within a few months and this was in motion. The purpose was to sit and practice with David, a living master residing there. 

Note: Stuart had been working with Hindu deities for years before he crossed over. Through his vision work, he concluded they were clearly the highest level deities that were interacting with humans.

I was aware of this before I knew of John Lamb Lash’s (JLL) work, of which this website is largely based. When I was introduced to his work, I flowed with it, without doubt or resistance. JLL, as a bona fide living Terton, teaches one how to gain access to the interactive nature of the great mother. He hands you the keys.  

And to Quote JLL “Guidance is the natural bent of your own divine potential. It is innate, playful, and autonomous. Yet supernatural powers play into it, perhaps just because they enjoy taking part in human destiny, sharing the thrill”

Soaring High at the Ashram

Fascinating Session with TC. She is a long-time seeker of knowledge and lives at a private ashram. With 3rd eye open, she can see well. We were eager to work together.

TC assisted us with some energy work on another recent occasion and I enjoy her presence. She too is in her 60’s.

We began with a meditation in the small meditation room. There is an ancient and sacred vibe to this place, and I would later learn it is a protected and cloaked environment.

There is an extensive structure of light, in the form of a Temple, enclosing this room / building and rising upward. It too is cloaked and resides in a higher frequency. This Temple is a replica of the Temple built by an enlightened one. One who has built their etheric inner Temple and completed their journey here on earth. Aka, The Temple of Solomon.

Right away, as we sit, shakti flows in, and the meditation was sublime. I could feel the presence of an old Master and would come to learn he was about to join in our healing work on a permanent basis going forward. This was L. Shines domain and TC is the caretaker of the property. 

We moved into another room after the meditation and traded work on the massage table. Many guides are present and assisting, they are coming in from higher frequencies and visible with 3rd eye, minds eye, or Shivas eye.

TC is at my crown, I am lying on table. She looks at my energy centers and comments that my tree was brilliant, entirely lit up. The middle pillar had luminescent white serpent coiled up around and into the crown, and above the crown was another chakra appearing as a silver sphere cradled in a crescent moon.

I am humbled by this description. This is the result of a recent kundalini awakening of high intensity. I will expand on this in another post and link to it when ready.

After some minutes she witnessed a portal opening a few feet above my solar plexus and a white soft radiance beamed in and covered my form. Shodashi settled into our perception and sent energy through her to merge with the portal energy.

TC: ‘This energy was reddish color, more intense and physical. She may have been clearing some anger from me.’

I know this portal, coming in from above, upper right, and it links to a celestial realm. It is unpolluted, uncorrupted, and off-limits to heavy resonances. It appears and disappears. There are powerful guardians at the gate. Few may enter from this realm. 

We were both lit up with shakti.

We switched up, with TC now on table. Her chakras were looking great and shakti current was flowing. At her crown, more shakti, as Shodashi begins merging with love.

After some time TC wept, afraid of letting go.

TC: ‘They’re telling me to surrender and I am afraid, too afraid of losing my identity’

These are ego fears. Her mind interferes and thoughts block the loving current of shaktipat.

We discussed for some time. Then I brought in Eagle, and I walk her through a guided meditation. Eagle soars, at first there is one, then another. We merge with eagles and take a long view from high above a forest and mountains. She acknowledges the vision and quickly let’s go. She settles into the shakti current again. Brilliant achievement on her part.

In the following days TC reached out and described  changes coming in from this shared meditation. She received an intense shakti transmission and she’d been in and out of shakti for days.

Goddess Kali Orchestrates

There are three of us, TS and MS and myself, working on John. John has had two previous heart attacks. He has recovered and now in good health. At this time, in 2017, we’re working on anyone for free who is game.

Checking chakras, heart energy is reversed, and all other chakras in good flow. His heart center was huge, indicating good connection with heart and open heart. It was reversed, likely due to past issues. Our intention is to rebalance this chakra and see what comes in.

My turn at crown. Scanned with energy fields from head to toe, then scanning goes fast, then faster blurring and locked in. 

Kali Ma comes in through my crown, then into John, his etheric field expands with blue light hues. She is inside, like an orchestrator or a conductor, moving fast and adjusting symbols and light codes. Asymmetrical symbols become symmetrical again, and at lightning speed.

The vibe, as usual, not necessary to comprehend all that is taking place.

Here my perception zooms in on the reparation process. Witnessing a version of Kali that is softer and beautiful. She is lounging casually as she does this, then striking a suggestive pose here and there, flirtatious even. This is her natural, playful form of expression. Then she is laying on top of him in an erotic embrace, then quickly she’s back in motion again.

I smile inside thinking, if only John could see what’s in play here… but he’s oblivious.

I am struck by a comparison: she is like Chopin composing a masterpiece in the language of music, and FAST.

Ok, this has been long enough, I’m getting scorched. I begin a countdown from 10 to disengage, as a test to see when this will wrap up. Down to 1, she then spirals gracefully out and into my form, feet last, then out… she is a fluid current of brilliant blue grace. 

Extraordinary visuals all around and absolutely questionable: Did this just happen? WTF?

She did all of this with delightful precision, showing us what’s possible, playing with us, teaching play with her outrageous character.

MS: ‘Wow! Many guides are present, then Kali appeared BIG, and they all stepped back in reverence.’

John: ‘I felt waves of energy from head to toe, saw some colors. It was pretty intense’

TS: “Saw waves of energy surging in too. Felt like his physical systems were being rebalanced”

Each of us rotated and had time at the crown. We generally stay out of each others way. Much to reveal on this topic in future posts.

Note: Every time I engage in sessions like this, I can feel energies flowing into my crown from above and into my brain which then bathes the neurons with subtle electrical currents and eventually the entire nervous system.

My eyes are usually closed and flutter. My sinus cavity and tear ducts open up and I have to deal with this salty water flow during the session. The intensity varies, and I have since learned to temper / buffer the strength of the current. 

The auric field of a patient can be completely flooded by yellow-gold, or purple, or sapphire-blue healing energies. The energies can be whisked in and out very quickly. The whole color spectrum, the unique energy and frequency of each can be arranged to enter and exit.

Benefits: The feeling of being bathed in bliss remains, sometimes for hours. 

Guides and Guidance

Sessions have rhythm now. I’m starting to develop a system with help of guidance coming in from the Devatas and my closest guide, whom I call Tazzi. She has no attachment to naming conventions and said: ‘choose one’, so this name came in after careful consideration. 

Tazzi was a former partner in a previous life. This was in a Native American tribe. In that life, she was a beautiful woman, a huntress and an artist. Her guidance at this time is invaluable, and I consult with her frequently in decision making. This is necessary at this time due to business matters and such.  

There are three other guides that have come in over the years, whom I call eagle father, buffalo-man, and jaguar being. They can morph into other appearances at will. There is always a purpose for their presence and once fulfilled sometimes they move on. 

And, take this on board if you can, most of these guides are simply aspects of you and your higher self. Strange but true.

Having said that, humor me and let’s follow the track that they are separate from us. It allows for the story to flow.

We all have guides who wish to fulfill their agreements and be available when invoked. Most people never make the connection and miss the opportunity.

On one occasion, Eagle father stood at my feet, as I lay there during a medicine ceremony, very much as a sentinel, while a shitstorm of energies were being released by a large group as they took to their journey. It was a long night, and he created an effective buffer zone.

On another occasion Buffaloman made his first appearance to a close ally. We were meditating in a kiva below ground when he appeared, celestial in nature, he represents abundance. In his arms he carried a vessel… ‘what’s inside?’ He offers a peek… A slow churning galaxy floating in space. It was an awesome sight.

And, for some reason this great ally has remained available as a steadfast and reliable force of abundant energy.  

I had one clear visual described to me about this phenomena of guides and guidance from a seer I know, and she seared it into my perception with a recent story: A guide, who had taken form as a powerful native warrior, wanted to help a friend of hers, to let her know he was there for her. During a session he flashed an image of himself trapped in a block of ice: unknown, unseen, yet available if only she would make the connection and trust.

My guides were eager to open a line of communication and we finally had a breakthrough during a plant medicine journey in Wales, UK. After the 5 hour journey, a few of us were asked to hold space for a healing event.

This would be my first experience witnessing an intense entity removal. It was removed by Stuart who was alive at the time circa 2012, he passed in 2013. He did it with grace and ease. I’ve seen two such events, the other was performed directly by the great mother during another plant medicine ceremony. 

Sometimes the guides appear in sessions and this is why I share these relationships and will do so in future posts. In this instance they wanted me to participate and get some experience. 

The Five Unfoldments

In attempting to make sense of what is occuring during healing sessions, the concept of Five Unfoldments was presented. This is the overall intent of the work being done.

1) Shakti transmission – love and love of SELF

2) Discipline – caring for self

3) Personality – authentic self

4) Emergence – genuine behavior in the collective

5) Liberation – freedom

In order for these enfoldments to be expressed, one must clean up the debris within their energy field. One must take a sophisticated stance and face their inner shadow aspects. In release, one can move on and develop the quality of their energy.  

The Tree of Life is symbolic of this journey of consciousness. From the roots to the crown and ultimately an expansion into cosmic consciousness. The tree-of-life is a powerful concept that has appeared in this work we’re doing. I’d like to transpose it into the shakti diagram – there must be a way. You’ll see why the TOL diagram aligns w Jll’s diagram in future posts. 

Accessing the Seven Rays at Ashram

Sessions are occurring weekly at this time. This was an extraordinary session at the ashram. In this session were three, MS, TC, and myself. Kali, Shodashi, Shine and a few ancestors were present for a transfer of knowledge.

Highlights: Ain-Soph, unlocking the fourth seal, new perceptions will come in, you are protected, do not walk in fear. A new mark on the forehead is given and visible to higher beings, it is activated now… inward at the pineal gland. Can now use the fullness of the Seven Rays. They’re used naturally, with ease, automatically. Some will be preferred and mastered over others.

Note: Before I continue, lines begin to blur in these next few sessions. These were longer sessions at about 5 hrs, as each of us were introduced to new concepts. 

The Devis were present and supportive and silent. They did not speak. They have interjected a few times during the sessions only to point out to me that they were available with an alternative approach. I will abbreviate these journal entries as the content becomes quite esoteric and I’d like to keep this long-form page aimed at Shakti guidance.

One final point, it has been made clear the Devis are working with me, and this we knew from the start, which has not been explained yet. I will do so in a future post and link to it here when it’s up.

The following intel, in the next few posts, may best be viewed as a blending of teaching styles and subjects with the same purpose: to awaken each of us so we may live in greater awareness and joy. 

For what it’s worth, MS and TC have little interest in the Aeon Sophia, her setting (the earth), and her story. And that’s ok. One has to be captivated by her story, and understand her as a wisdom teacher before one can have a proper alignment with her. I have yet to work with anyone, accept JLL, who knows such.

To Be Continued – in progress     

Multi-dimensional Travel

Another epic 5 hr session. Much of what was taught came in via Stuart W (former teacher – recently passed away and on the other side) as he showed us, in detail, how to access other dimensions and teleport or bi-locate safely. Because we can handle Kali Ma and her frequency they’re willing to teach us, and with patience. Buckle up, this one is interesting.

To Be Continued – in progress

Dissolving a Chained Heart

Session at the mountains in California with Joy, female age 64

I check condition of main chakra energy centers, using pendulum. All chakras looking good, throat is much smaller in size.

Client is in deep state of relaxation, and relaxing music plays in background. I start at the feet, touching soles of feet. Energy flows in and eventually reaches the crown at top of head. I am consciously working with purple energy and have not said anything to client. Working in silence.

I asked if there was pain anywhere. Yes, at back hip. I placed left hand under and right hand on top. I could feel a dissolving sensation. She felt this immediately. She’s somewhat shocked at this rapid dissolution of pain and the transformative feeling and then the change of color.

Joy: ‘as soon as you touched my feet my mind went very still. I could feel the energy coming in right away. There were colors, very intense purple on the right side and a beautiful blue on the left side. I could see deep red on my shoulders and a chain from there to my heart. When you put hands on shoulders after sometime, it all dissolved, fading to orange then to white, and the chain was gone. It was so intense.”

Overall she was delighted at the reminder of how energy transmits this way and her ability to heal and rebalance. She knew this, but had forgotten this aspect within. Great session.

It was a great affirmation of what can be accomplished with energy work, for both of us. Joy was a pleasure to work on and she is intuitive. She could also see with third eye open better than most people. 

We did a few sessions. And she had a Greek Goddess come in for her, and this had to do with her ancestry. I will expand on these sessions shortly. 

Black Jaguar and Kundalini

Jaguar appeared with a message: “I am working with you now in preparation for greater light. My spots are cloaked behind the blackness. What is hidden will be revealed and you will access this light.”

Then an image of black jaguar with his spots flaring out with a soft golden light, then spots disappeared into blackness. 

I didn’t understand at the time, but now it is clear. Jaguar was preparing me for kundalini fire.

Inspired by jaguars presence, I would use ‘active imagination’ techniques and go into trance and found myself going back to this volcanic cave. I called him ‘Negru’ and this would be known as Negrus lair. 

Sometimes he would appear as half jaguar / half man. This was a militant version of jaguar. A taskmaster with one task: to usher in the serpentine fire. I repeatedly visited his cave and sat or laid on a crystalline lotus platform. Above me was a Mini-Sun and I worked with the solar rays and merged with the Sun.

Once a site is visited, like this cave for instance, it’s easily accessed with ‘intent’ and snapping your fingers.
These caves are within our subconscious and deep unconscious. You use imagination as a springboard, then the journey takes its own course.

A skeptic would say this experience is entirely fabricated by imagination. Yet, the speed and development of the journey proves otherwise, in my experience. There are multi-dimensional facets to this form of travel. We are multi-dimensional beings. This exercise also develops the third-eye muscle.

This whole experience lasted a couple of months. There was never any indication that I was ready or completed this training. Not long after this, I would have a potent kundalini awakening.

The Card Deck

The Devatas have shared knowledge on working with specific healing frequencies and sacred geometries. When they are paired (matched and merged) they are activated. This intel is coming together in the form of a card deck and could easily be used in a number of products. I have seen how this will come together over the next few years. 

To Be Continued – in progress

Current Conditions 2024

I haven’t touched on the mass psychosis event known as CV19. It’s all played out and many are still in a confused state four years on. I wrote about the predators in big pharma way back in 2016. At the time, I was immersed in researching the leading global predators by industry.

Simply looking at the stats and court cases and settlements in each industry, one could conclude the hierarchy of the executive level criminals easy enough. Bankers, then big pharma, then mainstream media topped the list.

I’ve since taken down those pages. It was a lot of work, and all the numbers were staggering – The leadership at BofA won the Golden Ghoul award at 54B in fines paid (since yr 2000). Having completed the pharma research, I had no love for those rats: Mercks CEO was a lawyer, that simple fact tells you where they were headed with their business model.

I did profiles on all of the major corporations based on stats found at a watchdog corporate research site. It was depressing work. I had these profiles posted for a few years, then pulled them down.

I didn’t see the big picture with the plandemic at the time, but was aware enough NOT to trust any of these psychopaths. And in no way was I going to be a guinea pig for their Mrna nonsense. I lost my job because of it. I warned my whole immediate family to be cautious, none did, they all drank the koolaid.

In the end, it was truly a diabolical event – the cleverness of manipulating the global population with a coordinated fear campaign, supported by false data, brainwashed medical professionals, and guilt-trip messaging to the gullible masses was an impressive feat.

All this time I have been actively doing healing work and sound meditation events. The Devis continue to participate. There have been positive developments along the way. I team up with others who are practicing in the field of energy healing and find this to be more potent and beneficial for most patients on the table.

Depending on the individual, the energies are delivered within a spectrum of intensity. Having witnessed my share of healings, there are patterns I am seeing. All sessions are designed to clear the emotional body ASAP, then we work with finer frequencies in preparation for a greater awakening process. Those frequencies are shakti and love. 

If there are cancers, it’s possible to remove these 100% and this can be done quickly. And much easier to accomplish with a committed team. It may also take a few sessions. And there are no guarantees. With regards to death and dying, in some instances  there are soul-based decisions that are beyond anyone’s control. 

I am seeing a kundalini event on the horizon, where the Great Mother opens the valve to the race soul. This event will be a ‘tough love’ scenario and released as a last resort. When humanity is under so much pressure from the hatred of the external ‘simulation’ forces, then she can and will light-up everyone. All simulations go bye-bye.

If you were to research kundalini awakenings, you would find many stories – some were positive, and some were premature and therefore, uncomfortable. And some are deadly. One never knows when their time will come for kundalini (heavenly fire), but as I said, that time is coming for everyone. Best to prepare for faster frequencies. Mama is taking us there and we don’t have a choice.

The elites and the billionaires think they can hide in underground bunkers, but this will not protect them from what’s coming.

Sun activity will be the trigger. Earth and Sun will orchestrate the event.

Remember, be ready to meet your God and be prepared for that fire of heaven concealed within your spine, for the quickening processes have begun. "Every man's work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire: and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is. I Cor. 3:13"

To Be Continued – in progress

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