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Supernatural Interactions with Devatas

A collection of journal entries dating back circa 2014.

My first exposure to the Devatas was during a group meditation. They appeared to one of the guests in the group and she described what she witnessed. She was confused by their appearance. Why were they there?

I knew exactly who they were and was surprised and delighted. I recall trying to explain to her and the group the auspicious nature of being visited by four 12′ tall goddesses standing in the middle of the room back to back. But they politely shrugged it off, as if it happens every day.

By this time, I had been studying JLLs work with the Devatas for two years. In another four years I would have a profound kundalini awakening. It was a shaktipat transmission from an awakened teacher, and one of the devatas was present. In fact, later on, this teacher said this was a direct transmission from the Mother.

This would give me greater access to the Shakti Devis and the ability to channel / transmit shakti during healing sessions. 

Not long after this I was invited to participate in a group healing for a stage four cancer patient. They appeared for this session and participated in clearing energies and repairing broken light-codes. This was the beginning of extensive energy healing work with the Devatas.

These interactive sessions will be documented on this page as time allows.  

Meditation with the Shakti Diagram - Pt1

As I gaze at the diagram, each Devi is acknowledged with reverence and a few minutes of time is devoted to each. I call them in turn; om na ma kali ma 3x and so forth. It is done with pleasure and imagination.

I have included an invocation for the Devi at the bottom of their respective pages. It works for me.

Aside from meditation, each Devi is studied and explored in greater detail, this develops intimacy, and in turn, evolves into a natural form of devotion. 

This devotional aspect is vital.

“Devotion is the doorway to the opened heart. This heart center is not just the heart chakra. It is the entire center of gravitational feeling that pulls one ever deeply inside of oneself.” (DS)

As I practice this technique, I can feel a deeper connection with the Devi’s. It is my understanding they operate mainly through clairaudiance – which is to hear outside the normal parameters of human hearing.

In my experience it is usually a feeling. It is clairsentient, or sometimes it is visual as they appear in the minds eye, sometimes in the most outrageous expressions and attire.

Vajrayogini in Silver

On one occasion during a shakti diagram meditation Vajrayogini appeared. She was cat-walking down a runway like a glamorous model dressed in a futuristic silver outfit. Her skin was a radiant silver, she had a serious tone. This was a jaw dropping moment. I was speechless.

When a Dakini appears there will be a transmission of some type. This may appear as an energized download through the crown or the heart chakra. The instruction may be a direct allegorical message. They have shared three such messages with me this way. It can also be information for a later date, to be deciphered in the future.  

When I first started practicing this shakti diagram meditation, Mirita nudged me, ‘share this technique with others, no holding back‘. Mirita issued the command firmly with kindness and love. 

Command Wisely

The Devi’s highest desire is that we command them. Do this with devotional reverence. She knows our pretenses, our level of sincerity, and our shadow aspects. Command wisely.

kali devi goddess in smoking portal

Kali Ma Makes a Dramatic Appearance

Year 2014 – Kali Ma soon appeared after a potent invocation. I was at a lake in the high mountains, I sang and chanted her name as I drummed with passion. After this, I would earn the label as her ‘drummer boy’. I didn’t know what to think of this, but laughed and took it in stride.

Little did I know, at the time, that I would embrace shamanic drumming, and eventually build a giant pow wow drum for future ceremonies and sound healing meditations. Kali and the Devi’s love to dance. Over the years, many ancient rhythms have been spontaneously channeled for their pleasure.

They do healing work through the drum, and the entire pantheon of Shakti Devis (in the Shakti Cluster) have been witnessed, by many people, at some time or another in sessions. And on three unique occasions, all have appeared simultaneously. These events will be detailed here below.    

Kali first appeared in a group meditation with three other deities. They were three Mahavidyas and one Dakini standing in a back to back formation in the center of the room. There was Kali in vibrant blue, Shodashi in white/gold, Bagala in yellow gold, and Kurukulla in vibrant red.

In height, they were estimated at over 12’ tall. They did not speak and radiated a gentle shakti energy into the room. The ceiling in the room was high and vaulted and easily accommodated their majestic size. Some were dressed in sensual attire and emoted a spicy vibe. They can morph into vortices of swirling energy, as myself and others have seen.

In this group meditation I drummed for the group. I was experimenting with a technique to facilitate quicker access to silence. It works by using rapid beats, at the Theta range of 240 beats per minute. Theta beats force the mind to go quiet and when the drumming ends (after at least 15min of drumming), the silence can hold for another 30 min. The group loved it and we continued the practice.

The drum is Earth bound. The beats address the lower three chakras and assist to remove stagnant energies found there. In the stillness shakti plays. This is a Mantra. The Shakti Devis have been witnessed removing these heavy energies that form in layers around the belly. They offer blessings and enjoy interacting in this way.    

In this meditation session the Devis simply showed themselves. There was one witness with third-eye open. I did not ‘see’ this appearance, but would later have other such experiences. After this account was described, I sat with awe and began to reflect in earnest how this could be and what was coming next?

Backstory on the Site and Shakti Diagram

I’ll share a brief background story on why I built this site and why the Devatas are a big part of my life. My interest in the deities was non existent until I discovered John Lash’s work (JLL). My first encounter was through the GNE, and he was about six months into a three year experiment that he dubbed the Gaian Navigation Experiment. It was clear to me that he was accessing some deep intel on dakini magic because his explanations on the subject were precise, lucid and coherent. He was in the zone. This three year period is known as Sophias Correction.

During this period, he published an image of the Shakti Cluster Diagram. I was captivated by the symbol more than I should have been, it was searing right through me, why I wondered? It was a hand drawn image at the time. I wanted to digitize it and turn it into a graphic icon. I reached out to him, and offered to do it gratis.


JLL didn’t respond at first, so I waited, then I promptly forgot. His lectures and writing were taking me into some deep waters. So I swam and floated in the dreaming attention of dakini magic. About a year later he replied and asked if I would do it. I did.

Then he methodically refined it into a precise diagram, everything was carefully calculated; the width and height specs were meaningful. The shape, the positioning of each devata, the way they interact in the diagram. Many subtle teachings can be accessed from within this diagram.

I would say, without hesitation, this is likely the most potent diagram on the planet, that’s because it gives one interactive access with the planetary matrix, the Great Mother. How cool is that? There is one other symbol that can match the power of the Shakti Cluster Diagram, and that is the ancient Sri Yantra symbol. I have studied both in great detail.

(to be continued…)

Devi Healing Sessions - more coming soon...

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