One night I was drumming. I drummed and entered a trance state, diving deep into the earth in eagle form… through an earthen tunnel, down, down for many miles, then into a golden misty light, then into wide open skies. Gliding aloft in the form of an Eagle, I drifted over a lush, vibrant green canopy of jungle and coastal palm trees. Below me is a familiar lagoon near the ocean shore. The lagoon is a striking marine blue, with hints of gold and turquoise shimmering on the surface. I descend and land on the shoreline.

I morph back into human form, wearing comfortable beachwear. I can feel the gentle, warm tradewinds caressing my brown tanned skin. I smell the rich scent of ocean life, salty and clean. My whole body relaxes as I absorb this beautiful setting. I am here because of a Jaguar.

Looking into the trees I see a large black shadow sprawling on the limb of a giant sycamore tree, I see a black jaguar’s golden eyes gazing down at me. I give him a knowing look and greetings. Jaguar returns my greeting with a short-rounded growl. This is not our first meeting. He descends from the tree effortlessly… his earthbound thump is soft, as he lands and then leads me down a trail, deep into the jungle interior. I follow and watch his graceful stride, muscles tensing and relaxing as he changes course and leaps onto a lava stone outcropping.

He climbs, weaving his way up through palm trees and the lava mountain before us. He reaches a large cave opening of smooth black lava rock – it’s shaped in the likeness of a jaguar’s head, with an intimidating ferocious look and huge lower fangs emerging from the ground. Turning around, I see a panoramic view of the ocean. Rippling down from the center of the horizon line, a wide ribbon of diamond light dances across the ocean surface.

I follow him into the mouth opening and we pass through torchlit tunnels. We enter a vast circular cavern of smooth porous black lava… In front of us is a large pool of water in hues of deep emerald green, I notice the strong contrast of color with the blackness of the interior stone. On the left wall, I can see wide rounded steps ascending around and up to the back of the cavern, then a landing and another tunnel entrance. These steps jut from the rock wall as if floating. Jaguar looks at me, his eyes now blazing emerald green. He leaps upward, ascending the steps double-time.

I climb the steps and follow Jaguar through more tunnels wrapping around to the left, then into another vast circular cavern. Here the cavern differs from the first. Awestruck, I watch Jaguar as he pads over a curving bridge-like pathway to the center of the cave. There are many of these bridges curving in and away from the center landing. They are smooth, narrow, rounded pathways flowing upward and downward to different levels and cave openings. Below is a precipitous drop into another pool. It is the color of ultramarine blue, again sharply contrasting with the lava black stone and bridge paths all around. I notice the central area and all the pathways have the uncanny resemblance of a neuron – a symmetrically shaped neuron.

The central landing is 15′ in diameter radiating a fiery red-orange light from a center area 9′ in diameter. I traverse the curving bridge and find Jaguar sitting majestically near the central light. There is a gentle ferocity in his gaze. Now his eyes shine with fire. He prompts me to sit on the surface of fiery light. I peer at the center and see a swirl of color, alive and shimmering like a molten core. I hear the word Maha-Kundala. I take a seat and feel the smooth glassy surface below me. It is warm. I sit half-lotus feeling at ease.

As I sit, I observe a few sensations:

The etheric energy or aura around my form begins to reflect this light. A serpentine light stream flows upward from the surface and through my root chakra, spiraling up in a double helix pattern and out through the major chakra vortices, then up through the crown taking shape of a diamond lattice sphere that surrounds me.

The sphere radiates this light in a pulsing heartbeat rhythm, I hear the Gaian heartbeat. The feeling is warm and relaxing. It intensifies. I decide to lie down. I look up and see a holographic image of our sun rotating above me. It is the same size as the surface I am lying on. It is like seeing the sun in real time, slowly turning and I feel as though I could dive into this sun, but I chose to lay there and gaze into the sun, mesmerized.

In time, I emerged from this deep trance state with feelings of appreciation and gratitude. I am not exactly sure what this whole experience was about, though I have some ideas… there is also a feeling that there is more to learn here. Anyone can align to Jaguar… he/she has the wisdom to share. Trust.


Russell Webb

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