The Wisdom Teachers.

Exploring the Mahavidyas, and Diamond Sky Dakinis


She is the perfect wisdom that never comes into being
And therefore never goes out of being.
She is known as the Great Mother…
She is the Perfect Wisdom who gives birthless birth to all Buddhas.
And through these sublimely Awakened Ones,
It is Mother Prajnaparamita alone
Who runs the wheel of true teaching.

The Divine Shakti of Gaian Tantra

shakti cluster diagram by john lash

Meditation with the Divine Shakti

Learn How to Invoke the Wisdom Teachers

New Card Deck in Development

We’ve been working on this card deck for the past two years. The devatas have been involved since inception. In this deck you’ll find a unique pairing and merging of frequency and geometry. This has never been done before. It is a novel approach to working with these well-known frequencies.

There are 52 cards in the deck. There are 36 cards with 9 geometries (x4) and there are 16 Devata cards. This would not have been possible without John Lash’s original artwork and teachings. Thank you John Lash, for your guidance and wisdom. The deck will be printed sometime in 2024.

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