Only a Really Big Fire Can Destroy All the Lies Born From Worldly and Spiritual Experience.

  • She is the terrible one who has a dreadful face. Her hair is disheveled and she wears a garland of freshly cut human heads. Her ear ornaments are the corpses of children. Her fangs are dreadful, and her face is fierce. Her breasts are large and round, and she wears a girdle made of severed […]

  • She is the perfect wisdom that never comes into being And therefore never goes out of being. She is known as the Great Mother… She is the Perfect Wisdom who gives birthless birth to all Buddhas. And through these sublimely Awakened Ones, It is Mother Prajnaparamita alone Who runs the wheel of true teaching. In […]

  • She has a body like pure crystal. She shines with the light of the rising sun. In her four hands she holds a noose, a goad, arrows, and a bow. She is seated on a throne like a queen, she wears many jewels, the crescent moon adorns her forehead, she has heavy breasts and a […]

  • Guidance is the natural bent of your own divine potential, fulfilling itself. It is innate, intrinsic, playful and autonomous. Yet supernatural powers play into it, perhaps just because they enjoy taking part in human destiny, sharing the thrill.

    JL Lash

  • The fire from heaven that will destroy so many people is the fire within your own body. It is the kundalini rising. If trouble began in a big way, the safety valve of the race soul opens, pouring a certain symbol of pressure into the soul of man, quickening him. As each man is raised up, his pressure is spread to all things and anyone who has not cultivated his thought processes and interiors of this body and does not Love his fellow man will surely die - for the great fire from heaven will burn him up if he is not prepared to meet his God.

    The Old Man

  • In each individual there is kundalini, which is a form of Shakti, and kundalini is nothing but the contraction of Shakti that has formed the individual sentient being with all its limitations. Thus kundalini also contains the key to undo the individual beings limitation and take the individual back to full recognition of Shiva Shakti. The grace that initiates this reversal of kundalini's binding function is Shaktipat. Shaktipat reverses the flow of kundalini and so begins to undo limitations and reveal Shiva Shakti in and of itself.

    Jan Esmann

  • Only a really big fire can destroy all the lies born from worldly and spiritual experience.

    David Spero

  • Messianic fever in Palestine was able to infect the entire Empire because the messiah figure, once elevated to a divine status, appeased human self-concern in ways the Mysteries never could. Many factors contributed to the shift, but the most decisive one was the elevation of vicarious salvation over illumination and ecstasy. As I noted, the great deception of redemptive religion is that it makes the force of suffering look more powerful than the life force itself. It glorifies pain and condemns pleasure

    John L. Lash -Not in His Image

  • Once you embark on a road of imagination and creating, all bets are off. All preconceptions about what you must do, make, think, assume, and believe are yesterdays news

    Jon Rappaport

  • See, the idea is to actually create something. That's what you do. And then you create something else, and you keep creating. And the more you do that, and the more you know you are doing that, on purpose, things begin to change. Oh yea. They definitely begin to change.

    Jon Rappaport

  • If you want your humanness to live inside your Realization, then your heart has to become open and broken like that, completely, both in happiness and in sorrow.

    David Spero

  • What sadness I feel for humanity is the trust imparted in those not to be trusted. A cruel virus crawls in the mind of a chosen people who thrive on deception. The only way out of their maze of lies is a total release from pretending.


  • To - subject: Dangerous Beauty - That's what I see in your showcasing of the Kalika lore from PT. Clean and classy, too. I have not been able to bring it through so vividly, with such an edge. Whoever you are, wherever, WHATever, you're pretty awesome. Seeing what you are doing here brings a great release to my heart.

    Goddess keep you safe and savage.

    J.L. Lash