Return of the Warriors

An Ancient Toltec Prophecy

‘Together we now will manifest the temple of the Spirit!’ cried the seventh son, the Dragon. Thus the Seven Great Sons of Beingness, who are the enthroned Three, moved four-square to their places in the east, the north, the west and the south to commence their mighty task.

The doors of the temple were barred and guarded. Inside it was dark for not yet could the light shine forth. Thus was no part of the temple visible. Not a sound disturbed the utter silence, for the sacred word too could not yet be sounded. The Seven showed not their colour nor resonated their vibration, only a silent communication passed between them marking the progress of the work.

Aeons passed until at last there came the sounds of life from outside the temple and a lesser son of spirit knocked upon the temple door. Briefly the temple doors were opened to admit this son of man, and as he entered into the temple so he too added his power to that which was within. So came the sons of earth one by one, and as they in turn were admitted into the temple, so the light within began to flare ever brighter.

The sons of men traversed the temple from north to south and from west to east. In the centre they came to stand before the Rose, and here they found the heart, the knowledge and the power to work. They pushed aside the veil to the inner shrine and stood bathed in pure white light.

Time continued to pass, in which the temple became ever more beautiful, as slowly its architecture, proportions, detail and finishes took form in the growing light.

Then came forth a call from the east: ‘Open now the doors to all the sons of earth, so that they may seek the light and find the temple of the spirit. Remove the veil to the inner shrine so that all may enter into light. Let the warriors of the spirit, who have for so long concealed their labours, now precipitate upon the plains of earth the temple of life. Let the light shine forth, let the word too sound forth, let the work of transmutation begin.

‘Thus it is that the temple of light shall be transferred to earth, to illumine there the dream of the dreamer. Thus will man awaken in the east, and by confronting his fear meet his challenges in the west. Thus shall man be guided to find respect in the south and gather his strength in the north. Then shall man seek the only true light and learn the secret of the orange-red light which shines ever in the east.’

‘Why are we to allow all this?’ demand the Seven, the enthroned Three.

‘For now the time has come, the warriors are ready, and the Spirit has already moved in the light, so revealing the sacred colour and sounding the creative vibration. Now all the sons of men are able to seek power and to engage in the battle for freedom. Naught else remains to be done.’

‘Then so be it,’ answer the Seven, the enthroned Three. ‘So will all the sons of earth go forth to do battle.’ (one)

Know that for age upon age the great wheel will spin out the web of destiny – ages in which both the lesser and  the greater sons of spirit will play their part in the design of the pattern… But this design must show the cause of duality, and when that day dawns, the ancient battle must again be engaged – this time with full knowledge of the pattern. Thus will it become known as the last battle, which in truth has always been the one and only battle, and which will have been fought again and again.

In the Last Battle the sons of man will remember what it is to be man, and therefore will do battle with the sons of mind. Great and fierce will be this struggle, and terrible the chaos – men, women, and children turning desperately this way and that, not certain with whom to cast their lot, as both mind and man battle for survival.

One must win and one must lose. Oft will the pendulum swing violently from one to the other, and back again, every swing warping the weave of the pattern.

But in the middle of the middle, when the battle is at its most frenzied, there will come from out of the darkened valleys of the land seven Atl’aman who will walk through the midst of the battle, untouched by the chaos on either hand. These sons of men, although their eyes flash with the fierce passion of their home-world, have tongues that demonstrate the gentleness of their hearts.

On instruction from their lord, Atl, the seven will take their place on the front of the battle, and beckoning all of man to follow, they will lead all the sons of men into the Last Battle, against the sons of mind and the ancient darkness.

Seven Atl’aman leading an army of untrained men and women against the ancient darkness which has been preparing its warriors for ages upon ages. The Lord Atl and his aides are standing back watching, for Atl will not interfere in this battle. The odds against the seven are well-nigh impossible! How can this be? I know not. My vision fades into the blackness of the ancient darkness looming over all! I cannot see! I can give no guidance!

I see only the seven Atl’aman standing fierce and proud – determined to uphold the sacred trust! And standing thus the Spear of Destiny flies true once again. And standing thus the Sword of Power again rings with the One Truth and again flashes forth the blue flame of the One Power. But, by the holiest of holies, I can see no more for the blackness descending over all.

Fight Atl’aman! Fight like you never before have fought!

Fight! Fight! Do not forget the sacred trust!

I can no longer see to guide you, but hold onto the sacred trust, for it surely will guide you! By the holiest of holies it must guide you!

It must!
It must!

You cannot fail! Not now!

Atl’aman you must not lose! Fight! (two)

The sons of man will drift in deep sleep, sometimes touching briefly the one power, sometimes brushing past the spear, but mostly never knowing what it was that these brief encounters sparked off within their innermost core. Having no memory of what it is to be man, these sons of man must build anew the ability to conjure.

For aeons upon aeons the skies about the sons of man shall remain clear and cold, the form of the dream a dull opaque grey, showing only here and there a tiny spark of light every time a lone individual wakes sufficiently to recall the madness of the dream.

But, in recalling the madness, the little light waxes stronger… suddenly flares fiercely, a tiny flame, yes, tiny, minute, but still a flame… a tiny hope that the dream will not be all-absorbing for ever.

Slowly, slowly, with every tiny spark which flares, tiny specks of mist begin to form. And see! The dreamers are becoming restless in response to those tiny specks of mist! (three)

By their actions they will guard the peaceful ways of freedom. Their vision held steady within the honour born of their courageous hearts. Yet their night vision, their shapeshifting in the shadows, their fiery passion for the one life, will be feared by all for a long time to come.

Patrolling the cusps of the dream, they will stand guard at the portals of the other world with the steady piercing gaze of ever-watchful eyes. With warning growl and fangs bared in fearful snarl they will keep open the gateway into the world of lights. Darting from shadow to shadow, they will guide the weary seeker to the threshold of transmutation.

Ever faithful to the trust bestowed in them will be these hounds of the universe, and they shall be known as the wolf people. In their hearts they shall carry always the vague memory of a bygone world, an orange-red sun which was once to man home, which was once both his glory and his honour.

By day they shall flee the abominations of hu-man madness, at night they shall look upon the faint light of the moon and cry out their anguish over a freedom lost, a spear and a sword forgotten, within every fibre of their being they shall nurture for ever the ecstasy of hope and of freedom.

Bred before the great rift, these hounds of Atl fought alongside their brothers in the war of the heavens. Yes, fought well! But alas! Fought with the fiery zeal of a fanaticism that was both their invincible strength and also their greatest weakness –  a weakness that shall cause others to fear them, so that these faithful hounds that once were the hunters, shall become the hunted.

In their struggle for survival they will learn what it is to dance the edge, to blend softly with the shadow, to choose the stealth of the night for travel, the warmth of the southern wind for companion.

But their weakness will again become their strength, for in time it will transmute into their instinct for survival, their loyalty in kinship, their love of freedom. (four)

The War of the Heavens is reaching a fatal climax, for the birth of the new is fraught with the pain and the grief of ancient challenges threatening to spill over into the new! But I say, let us not just stand by and watch as the whole of our system becomes defiled by this ancient darkness. Instead let us fight, like only we know that we can fight! I say let us, in this dire need, throw open wide our hearts and demonstrate our unconditional love for Him who is our life, our beingness, and who even now in this hour of His infancy is valiantly labouring to contain within his beingness the ancient darkness. But I say, enough! Let us take at least this one battle upon ourselves, and so release Him and our brothers from these fetters, so that He and they may move forward with greater haste , unencumbered by the unresolved past, for such it must be if we are all to live, rather than survive!

Soon now the old will perish, as it must, and the new will be upon us! Even now as I speak, the glorious light which once was our honour and our glory is fading into the deepening folds of the cloak of darkness we don in this hour as an act of friendship.

You who com seeking to tread this Warriors Path, see to it that you heed my words with care, for when I look down the tunnel of time, I see that it will be a long, long while before you will grasp the deeper implications of my words. Realise too that I can but only hold out for you the vision of that which is beyond words. The Unspeakable can never be verbalised; we can only verbalise our vision of the Unspeakable. This is the Law.

All of us come to the Warriors Path in ignorance. All of us must learn that we do not know what true learning is until we walk the Warriors Path. This is so because this path is in truth a journey into the unknown, but there is no way to know the unknown beforehand. This is the Law. Warriors are pioneers, and although the pioneers may come back to tell you of what they have discovered, such information will be mere theory to the listener, not knowledge gained from own experience. Furthermore, how will the pioneers tell you of those things they have discovered within the unknown, when you can only grasp that which is the known?

Therefore if you truly wish to know what is entailed in treading  the Warriors Path, then you must tread this path yourself: only then will your perception coincide with the vision. This is the Law. But know this much, and listen with care, for I now speak of things past, present, and future: I speak of man atavistic, of hu-man, and of man conscious.

Warriors are first and foremost men, humble men, who cannot avoid the confines of the Law. There task in life is to learn by means of mapping the great unknown. To map the unknown requires to enter that mysterious vastness, but each time we enter into it we transmute those energy fields within us which correspond with the great unknown outside of us. This transmutation affects our entire existence, so that our very state of beingness becomes irrevocably altered. With the effects of transmutation comes eventual transformation, the emission of all that is undesirable. The inevitable product of transformation is transfiguration, a complete metamorphosis.

Know then that once this process has been initiated a chain reaction takes place which cannot be stopped. The Warriors Path is thus a path of no return – a path of transformation, transmutation, and transfiguration. This is the Law.

Go now to the task which has been assigned to you, for the time of change is upon us all! But as new recruits, as Atl’aman, carry also within your hearts these words: This revolution of the wheel is even now closing in upon its own beginning – the serpent of wisdom shall bite it’s own tail! Destiny decrees that this day be ended and that this world shall become to you only a vague memory. At the close of this day you shall be transported to what shall be your new home, your new responsibility, and you shall forget all! Yet, you must struggle to remember what it is to be the warriors of Atl, what it is to be Atl’aman! And above all you must struggle to remember what it is to be Toltec! The sacred trust invested in you can never and must never be forgotten!

To this end a seed has been placed in the hearts of you all. Seven groups you are – seven seeds for seven groups. Therefore seven times seven shall you be from now until the end of time. In this way at least some of you from each group will remember what it is to be Toltec, and from the seven seeds must be grown the seven keys which will unlock again the seven seals of the One Power. Should you never remember this, the nagual of us all will stand bereft of the One Power and thus will be lost forever in the ancient darkness.

Beyond this moment, I will not speak to you again, for the pattern decrees that now the fires of the forge be fanned, entered and endured.

Warriors of Atl, I salute you!

By the love which is the essence of your own inner fiery being!

By the impeccability which constitutes your invincible power!

By the humility which is the mark of your free spirit!

May the peace and the harmony of the Yellow Rose of Friendship abide with you now and forever more!

Farewell Atl’aman! Go now and learn what it is to be hu-man. Go learn what it is to stand! Go learn what it is to fight! The wheel will spin, and many times over will the great serpent bite its own tail before you will remember. But once you have begun to remember then let the spear of destiny fly true. Let the Sword of Power ring with the One Truth and flash forth the blue flame of the One Power!

Atl’aman! I charge you! remember the sacred trust!

Remember… Remember (five)



Would you know the meaning of laughter and joy!
Then come play with us now the game of life,
If you care to try! If you dare to lose!
Roll now, roll, roll again, roll the dice of life.
Listen to the rhythm of life divine,
Feel, touch and absorb the pulse of earth.
Fly true the spear! Wield sure the sword!
And roll now, roll, roll again the dice of life!
What can you lose, friend, but an empty life!
What can you win, friend, but a full rich life!
Win or lose, try now! Roll the dice of life.
If you care to live, friend! If you dare to die!

Would you brave the meaning of sorrow and tears!
Then come see with us now the fount of life,
If you care to see! If you dare to feel!
Roll now , roll, roll again, roll the dice of life.
Listen to the rhythm of their hopeful hearts.
Feel, touch and absorb their pain and tears.
Fly true the spear! Wield sure the sword!
And roll now, roll, roll again the dice of life!
What can you lose, friend, but a dull dry life?
What can you win, friend, but a warm full life?
Win or lose, try now! Roll the dice of life!
If you care to live, friend! If you dare to die!

Would you know the meaning of freedom and power!
Then join us, come join us in this our hunt.
If you care to try! If you dare to fail!
Roll now, roll, roll again, roll the dice of life.
Listen to the rhythm of walking free.
Feel, touch and absorb the One Power.
Fly true the spear! Wield sure the sword!
And roll now, roll, roll again the dice of life!
What can you lose, friend, but a bonded life?
What can you win, friend, but the One Power?
Win or lose,try now! Roll the dice of life.
If you care to live, friend! If you dare to die!

Would you brave the meaning of duty and honour!
Then come join us now in the dance of death.
If you care to live, friend! If you dare to die!
Roll now, roll, roll again, roll the dice of life.
Listen to the rhythm of life and death.
Feel, touch and absorb the One Power.
Fly true the spear! Wield sure the sword!
And roll now, roll, roll again the dice of life!
What can you lose, friend, but a hopeless life!
What can you win, friend, but a hopefilled life!
Win or lose, try now! Roll the dice of life,
If you care to live, friend! If you dare to die!


This symbol is featured in the official insignia that, in the past, was traditionally worn by all trained and active nagals. The following verbalization is a transcription of the ideogram which, upon his inauguration as active nagal, was transferred to the nagal from the nagal who trained him, along with this insignia.

When the Wings of Perception be unfolded the Rod of Power is set ablaze with the Blue Flame of the One Power, flashing once, flashing twice to the added illumination of the dual serpent of wisdom-intertwined about its length. Thus the one that is concealed within unity is brought to earth by the unfoldment of the two, to light the three, and to demonstrate the duality that is brought to birth within the form of the sacred five, symbol of Man. Thus shines the pentagram, the Son of Man who is the Son of the Unspeakable made flesh – flesh both caught and liberated through the six of the whole. 


(one) From the prophecies of The Nameless One
Translated by:  Toltec Seer – Theun Mares
From his book: Return of the Warriors

(two) From the prophecies of The Nameless One
Translated by:  Toltec Seer – Theun Mares
From his book: Cry of the Eagle

(three) From the prophecies of The Nameless One
Translated by:  Toltec Seer – Theun Mares
From his book: The Mists of Dragon Lore

(four & five) From the prophecies of The Nameless One
Translated by:  Toltec Seer – Theun Mares
From his book: The Shadows of Wolf Fire

“The Goal of the Dreamers of man is to conquer the challenge of materializing their full awareness upon the physical plane. They meet this challenge by dreaming into existence the four dimensions of their beingness – Matter, Energy, Space and Time”  T. Mares

The Fourfold Purpose

EAST = Rising Sun, Mind, Inclusiveness, Mastery of Awareness & Recapitulation, Sobriety, TIME

WEST = Setting Sun, Heart, Death, Origin of Stalking & Erasing Personal History, Feeling, SPACE

SOUTH = Place of Warmth, Intent & Will to Manifest, Personal Power, ENERGY

NORTH = Physical Plane, Fourfold Purpose, Materialization, Art of Stalking & Not Doing, Strength, MATTER

The Seven Types of Dreamer of Mankind: Wolf, Fox, Tiger, Bear, Lion, Elephant, and Dragon


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