The Hooded Sage Course is a modern mystery school — featuring the Secret Philosophical and Metaphysical Teachings of Khris Krepcik. The Course centers around a core of 99 Spiritual Disciplines. Course Review: by Russell Webb.

These lessons are not just honor codes and virtues to live by, they define the nature of the human condition in precise detail, then prescribe the remedy for healing it, one person at a time. The Hooded Sages is a reference to a small group of ancient Taoist sages.

The course was created several years ago by the gifted teacher / seer Khris Krepcik. I met Khris in Ecuador in 2009, he was kind and respectful and mentioned a teaching program that he had just started at I was impressed with his scope of knowledge. Generally a shaman acts as a bridge from the physical to the spirit worlds. They can usually perceive the subtle energies beyond the scope of what we might consider normal. Khris’ perception skills go way beyond the normal and shamanic spectrum. In essence, he’s sharing the gift of human potential. He’s reflecting the possibilities.

When I returned from that event, I signed up for the course. After the first few weeks I was pleasantly surprised, then further in, I could see this was a profound set of teachings on many levels. This knowledge takes time to assimilate, perhaps years, and I often wondered who is this guy? While some of the lessons are easy to grasp and fairly straightforward, other lessons will drop you straight into the deep waters… into the hidden realm of the ancient mystery teachings. Very cool.

Sacred Knowledge

Khris has managed to transform complex teachings into a distilled essence. It is sacred knowledge expressed in a unique way. There is a potent energy within this knowledge that propels one forward from one lesson to the next. Sooner or later, the knowledge seeps in and requires us to address the inner workings of mind, body and spirit.

There is a simplicity as well. I found this most encouraging. Often we find the intellect and mind can interfere with the clarity of a message. Khris carefully avoids this and leads by example, encouraging us to explore the lesson with our feelings, in silence and stillness.

All told there are 99 lessons. Each lesson addresses a certain topic. At times the lessons will follow their own course where the topics gracefully segue from one to another. For example; the lesson on Inner Beauty leads to the lesson on Inner Harmony, which leads to the lesson on Inner Peace. The lessons are in article / essay format.

In addition to the lessons, Khris is available on a private forum within the site – he’s answered thousand of questions, all available for review. He asks that you keep your posts focused on questions only and that you respectfully keep the boards clear of drama and needless chitchat. If you have a pressing question – fire away. We learn a lot about ourselves when we view his answers – it’s quite humbling.

“The only real problem with life is that you were born into a system of programming and control. The system thrives on domination and restriction. It sustains it. Your true spiritual evolutionary path and purpose is simply to evolve through feeling, experiencing, and expressing your inner light in this life. This is the challenge of the human evolutionary experience. To evolve beyond restriction to embrace liberation. To develop your energy and expand your consciousness. To maintain your inner light—No matter what you face—Against all odds. To become authentic, real, and true in a world based on ego.” K. Krepcik

In conclusion, would I recommend this course? Absolutely. The Hooded Sage Course is an impressive body of work. These lessons have helped me to heal on many levels. I have a better understanding of what it takes to create my own simple philosophy and I can better grasp the nature of meaning and purpose in all that I do. I dare say these lessons would change the world if embraced by everyone… It is the path of heart. It is the path of the Warrior Sage.

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