Gaia-Sophia the wisdom goddess. Divine planetary mother of the human animal, the anthropos: one facet of her dreaming attention, imagined and created in the pleromic center, manifesting through the animated language of DNA. The human species, her children of light, designed to live within a framework of beauty, in pleasure, gifted with divine faculties – natural and supernatural. One such faculty is true imagination meant to be rooted in her story.

In connecting with gaias grace, there is an opportunity to connect with the gaian mythos and her story. Discover wisdom teachings emanating from within, in creative and powerful forms, witnessed as wisdom goddesses or divine shaktis. This can be perceived consciously as an expansion of heart energy, a natural condition leading into the golden Satya cycle. Satya means ‘time of truth’.

mandala-icon-gold-80pxGAIAN MYTHOS – Essays by John Lash outlining the origins of the Gaian Mythos and the development of Planetary Tantra: The Portal of Conscious Dreaming. This is a rich source for learning and understanding the methods of interactive magic with the wisdom goddess Gaia-Sophia: flirtatious thunderbolt dancing in diamond light.

mandala-icon-gold-80pxAWAKENING INTO GRACEDiscoveries in awakening and stories about awakened spiritual masters. Featuring avatar David Spero and Grandfather Ajja living in relation with the absolute.

mandala-icon-gold-80pxRETURN OF THE WARRIORS – The doors of the temple were barred and guarded. Inside it was dark for not yet could the light shine forth. Thus was no part of the temple visible. Not a sound disturbed the utter silence, for the sacred word too could not yet be sounded. The Seven showed not their colour nor resonated their vibration, only a silent communication passed between them marking the progress of the work…

mandala-icon-gold-80pxPOWER ANIMALS – Animal spirit surrounds us, they speak to us through the natural world. Loyal companions, fierce protectors, and gentle soulful messengers. They appear as guides and teachers. Explore writings, visions, and artwork inspired from the mysterious realm of the power animals.
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mandala-icon-gold-80pxCHILD OF LIGHT – Sophia declared:”You are mistaken, blind one (yahweh). There is an immortal Child of Light who came into this realm before you and who will appear amongst your duplicate forms, in your simulated world… Humanity exists, and the offsping of the human strain exists… And in the consummation of all your works, its entire deficiency of truth will be revealed and dissolved by this luminous Child.” excerpt from Not in His Image – JLL
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