Sri Yantra 

What is the  meaning and purpose of the Sri Lalita Yantra?

The Sri Yantra is an Ancient Symbol

The Sanskrit word, Yantra, suggests a machine or a tool. The suffix tra implies protection and defense. Why the need for  defense & protection? 


The Sri Yantra has 9 levels

Learn about each level,  these levels include: The Earth Citadel The Worldly Protectors The Bhairavi Shaktis The Siddhi Shaktis and more...


The Sri Yantra as Complete Reality

She is the Beautiful One She guides her adepts    as they take the journey through the reality that she has manifested. A reality of wisdom and beauty.



The Final Ascent in the Sri Yantra

The Bindu dot is the doorway to an awakened blissful  state and the three kundalini openings of the 1000 petaled lotus flower.